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  1. Tua for the price of Gordon...It Hurts me to say it...
  2. Brown, Jeudy, Lamb, Wirfs, etc... Blue chipper at a position of need this year.
  3. This is player 1 on our board. Someone worth giving up a 13 and 75 to move up. Our Linebackers would be grinning from ear to ear. He would stack bodies like pancakes...
  4. Not concerned about it at all... All this Love talk started a few months ago because someone saw Ballard at a game... Tua... I would be interested in the discussion... Love (QB4) I find it one of the biggest round 1 waste of time discussions in the history of this forum. Happy to eat crow with a side of humble pie If I’m wrong... but after listening to Ballards End of year...(January) and 2-3 (Feb-Mar) other interviews. JB is the guy... might create competition with a middle round or FA guy... but JB is the guy. Just my opinion... Love = Kapernick/Osweiler/Lynch...etc.
  5. Colts trade up with Arizona and get their much needed blue chip DT3 in Derrick Brown. Colts trade back from the 34th pick and get back a draft pick similar to the one they traded to Arizona to move up. CB masterclass...
  6. 1. Brown DT1 2. Jeudy WR1 3. Herbert QB3 4. Lamb WR2 5. Wirfs OT1
  7. It (30th ranked passing) almost won the division this year... special teams and injuries certainly cost us. Like Ballard said in his end of year interview... “I’m just * that I did not get this team enough quality depth.” He’s going BPA.
  8. Brown all day...6 ways from Sunday. That pick would protect Leonard, Walker, Okereke to run free... Jeudy/Lamb close second.
  9. Just for grins...or frowns RD1: CeeDee Lamb WR RD2: Cole Kmet TE RD2: Ezra Cleveland OT RD3: Cam Akers RB RD4: Gandy-Golden WR RD4 (Comp): Elliott DT RD5: Betiku Edge RD6: Cephus WR RD7: Windsor DT
  10. New England... cause that’s just something they would do... win the Trevor Lawrence lottery..,
  11. Agree... I like Gandy-Golden a little bit more...but I think both would be nice additions in the 4th round...
  12. Akers, People’s-Jones, Kmet, Nebraska Davis brothers...Gandy-Golden.
  13. I’m taking BPA at a position of need to have a better team in 2020... Any drafted QB is going to sit...would rather have a Jeudy, Lamb Etc...who would make us a better team next year. One more year to evaluate Brissett. Good Debate though...
  14. I am happy to eat crow come May... I think JB will be better in 2020. I think Ballard and Reich like what he can do...just need to see more. FA is an option for sure... But our team needs another year to acquire quality depth. 2021 is the year to draft a replacement... Unless a quality FA is there for the taking...IMO...
  15. Our kicking game was awful... we were at worst a 9-7 team... healthy JB, TY, etc...10-6. We got a good team. Just need to get 3 more BPAs at 13,34,44...go QB in third or fourth.
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