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  1. Hope my fellow New Yorkers are safe tonight after another senseless attack on innocent people. Thoughts and prayers are with victims and their families. Hug your loved ones today. :hug:

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Such a senseless act, hopefully the people that were injured recover. To the people that lost their lives, RIP and my condolences goes out to their families. Not sure how we can put a stop to the violence but this is the USA so we aren't backing down from any terrorists.  

    3. NFLfan


      "...this is the USA so we aren't backing down from any terrorists."



    4. teganslaw


      A former NYC policeman said in an interview that he thinks this kind of thing is the "new normal." I tend to agree with him, as scary as it is. These kind of attacks are happening too often, and it's just become a part of our lives now. Depressing to think of it that way, but how else could we consider it? Dangerous world we live in.

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