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  1. Wow. Prince has died. So many greats in music have died this year. Just terrible. 


    RIP Prince

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    2. radiogirl


      I met him one time.  He came to our station before a show.  He was the most humble, kind, and sincere man.  He was a bizarre and complicated genius.  I think that's why he is probably my favorite artist of all time.  Truly a sad day when he passed.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      @radiogirl, I know I loved rock n roll growing up but liked him, but he did rock with his guitar play. I never watch the SB halftime show but I did when he played Purple Rain during our win.

    4. radiogirl


      I've met a lot of people in my life and encountered so many musicians, 2006CB, but he struck me as special.  He was so gifted musically.  A sharp wit with a pinch of sarcasm.  Honestly, I think he was one of the most brilliant artists out there.  He wrote SO MUCH music in such a wide range of formats and styles and his performances were among the best.  He will truly be missed.

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