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  1. Top 5 QB like top 5 in the league? Top 5 in that particular draft? I don't see us getting a top 5 NFL QB anytime soon. In any case, Luck would likely be the better QB compared to who ever it is we trot out there, but it would depend on Ballard/Irsay and their faith in his long term commitment. I'm pretty sure we won't ever have to worry about this though. Luck is done done.
  2. Wait, what? Trade a first and 2nd this year for a first next year? Any GM who tried to do that should be fired on the spot. A current year's first rounder is worth more than a future first rounder, in terms of value/points. So even a 1 for 1 swap would be a huge loss for the Colts. Throwing in an additional 2nd rounder is the same as throwing that pick in the trash. This scenario would be a massive failure for the Colts.
  3. This is amazing https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2868378-jets-rumors-hc-adam-gase-says-im-rich-as-f-k-as-response-to-fan-criticism
  4. Man, I hope this is the start of something big for him. I remember last preseason and him having the "yips" during punt (or was it kickoff?) returns. This was a great development to see. I really want him to build off of this.
  5. Derrick Brown from Auburn would be AWFULLY hard to pass up if he was somehow there at our pick (I highly doubt he will be). Especially knowing that having a stud at that particular position essentially helps elevate the entire defense. I would have zero qualms if Ballard took Brown (or maybe Kinlaw) at our first round pick as long as he was confident in their ability to elevate the defense. The problem then is that if Love/Eason/whoever we like, is picked up before we get another chance, we're rolling Jacoby back out there next year who will have an almost non-existent leash as far as fans
  6. I get that. But I think as decision makers, once you've made your board and done all your research, you either are confident or not - regardless of how previous picks have turned out. Picking QB is a whole different animal, so we'll see how Ballard views it in regards to high floor or high ceiling. Should be fun!
  7. I can't speak on the Allen love, but saying Jacoby won 38-6 when the punt return unit alone scored 14 and set the offense up with another 40 yard return is being pretty generous. Jacoby had like 120 yards today. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially when the team is playing complementary football with good D/ST like today. But when the D/ST is off, it makes it nearly impossible to compete.
  8. I'm all for drafting a QB this year. I don't think JB is the guy. But from a team building perspective, I can see reasoning behind trying to build the offense another season before giving up on him. The fan base as a whole on the other hand, likely won't be as accepting. But yes, Mayfield, Darnold, Allen > JB purely on ability. Doesn't help that Mayfield and Darnold have 2 of the clear worst head coaches in the league.
  9. Man, I'd love to take Brown... BPA. But QB is the only position where if you need one, the need probably outweighs the value. If I determined that Love was my guy and I was confident in my assessment of him being a franchise QB, I'm pulling the trigger. Lamb (or Jeudy) is tough as well... Great question.
  10. I'd like some impact WR too. I'd agree we haven't been good in finding those, ever since TY. That doesn't mean the best prospect available is going to be a WR or that we should draft a WR in the first until we hit. He spent a 2nd rd pick on Parris, which majority of this board loved. He didn't have injury problems at OSU. Can't really blame Ballard for injuries, can you? There's other positions, and it's a common and wideley accepted ideology in the NFL that games are won in the trenches. Getting a Big Q is an absolute home run. This year was tough on us from your scor
  11. 8-8 with a qb avg around 200 yds passing per game is a testament, not an idictment, in my view. But ok, you stay big mad about drafting a player who became top 3 in the league at his position in a single year while simultaneously accumulating 3 additional 2nd round picks. Some people just can't be pleased, I guess.
  12. Whatever your view on Hooker is, he was viewed as a clear top 10 talent in that class and we got him at a steal. He's had bad injury luck but has shown the ability to be a game changer. He hasn't had his best year, but he's nowhere close to a bust or anything. His only other first round pick is All Pro Quentin Nelson (while also picking up 3 additional picks) I'll take a 50% All Pro hit rate in the first round. If that's not good enough for you, I think it's clearly a you problem rather than a Ballard problem. (Clearly that avg isn't sustainable, but saying you're unhap
  13. I agree losing would have been better, but I find it hard to be mad about winning. Especially in dominant fashion with 3 INTs and 2 return TDs.
  14. Did you even watch last season? When we HAD to win 9 of the last 10 or whatever it was... and we did... Have a snickers.
  15. I really don't think Bill would accept the drop history. Especially with the league leading drops they've had this year. If we knew Jacoby wasn't starting, I think he'd consider a return. I'd guess it depends how Ballard/Reich view his surgery decision on whether or not he'd even get an offer. Up until the Luck retirement, he was all smiles and super appreciative about being a Colt and getting away from the Lions fans. Sadly, it looks like our fanbase is close to giving him similar treatment for some reason. I feel for the guy, if Luck wouldn't have retired, his career outlook was
  16. IMO, ideally we play hard, look pretty good, have some younger guys get additional reps, and lose by 3 or less. That happens and I'm a happy camper.
  17. My post wasn't just about athletes being held to higher standards than Presidents when it comes to victimless crimes like smoking marijuana. I can see that it wasn't clear, but I was talking broadly. My bad. People get more upset over an athlete smoking pot than they do a President doing, objectively, much worse and showing far worse character flaws.
  18. We as Americans hold professional athletes to a MUCH higher standard than we do the President. For some reason...?
  19. By the time the draft process ends, top 10 wouldn't be out of the question. Depends how Tua/Herbert/Fromm/Eason rise/fall during process as well. I think things are looking like Jordan Love as a big riser. How far remains to be seen.
  20. The only FA that I'd be pounding the table for, IF they were allowed to walk, is Chris Jones. He'll probably command a top 1-3 DT contract, but has played up to that so far. Would really set our DLine over the top and improve the entire defense. I'm not sure why KC would let him leave, but if for some reason he did, he'd be the only guy I wouldn't mind Ballard getting into a bidding war for. I'm with OP on this one. No-brainer.
  21. I don't think Ballard will trade up in the 1st for a WR. Any WR. Ever. He's pretty much said that WR are severely overvalued in the draft. I personally wouldn't be mad if he did though. I'd probably prefer to go for a QB if there's one he loves, but I wouldn't get mad about it. I'm just excited to see how he handles the situation of needing a franchise QB in the next year or two.
  22. Eh, not equal comparisons IMO. We made Cherilus the highest paid RT if I remember correctly. So that's a huge chunk of cap to a player that ended up not helping the team much. For wide receiver we had Funchess on a 1 year prove it deal but still had the most cap space in the league after signing. Fountain/Cain/Campbell were all draft picks in the last 2 years that were understood to need some development. They're still on cheap rookie contracts. Grigson's picks and FA pickups have already played out. I felt really bad for Thomas, as I thought it was a good signing but guy just got a new
  23. Shhhh.... don't upset the narrative. Broken bones falls squarely on the strength and conditioning staff. Plyometrics and whatnot. Pliability. Et cetera. Ballard's fault! Bad play calling! It's the team's lack of killer instinct that's causing these injuries. I don't see the Patriots with several broken bones. We suck.
  24. Cheers to that! I think Ballard should be able to get us back on track, I just think it might take a little longer than what we were expecting heading into this season. I'm ready to see what's in store though!
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