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U know Whats interesting, BB doesnt Know these Colts, has to start over, Colt Coaches know the Patriots from other teams on besides old colt coaches

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 03:51 PM

...not in the game. Only Allen is. Gronkowski is better than Allen from a production standpoint. I can't say he is more talented though.

Welker is not faster than ANY of our receivers and his hands cost them a super bowl. Only thing he has on any of our other receivers is time in grade. That's it. Not talent.

Reggie is better than all of their receivers.

haha...Brady is half the QB that Luck is talent-wise. Brady is a system QB. Nothing more.

Sounds good.

I'd wager pressure in the pass-rush'll have way more to do with this game than the DBs. Like I said (and the Giants proved) Brady is a system QB. You throw the system out of whack when you pressure him. If Free & Mathis show up, we should do well. Hopefully Chapman plays and draws the double teams.

This might be the most homerific, *ic posts I've ever read.

If you don't think that Brady has talent, then you're clearly a homer. Brady had talent both in college and, clearly, in the NFL. Yes, it was latent talent, but he did very well at Michigan, and has been phenomenal as an NFL QB.

But I forgot; according to your illogic, a guy who has the single season TD record, was just a few yards short of the single-season yardage record, etc., etc., etc., is just a system QB.


The rest of your post isn't even worth responding to.

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