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  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick.
  2. I'm thrilled about drafting Mack in the 4th. Mack gives us a guy who can help stretch the field, by catching passes out of the back field, and possesses the kind of speed that can take it to the house on every play. (Which is something we haven't had since EJ came here in 99.) Picking a CB in RD 2 was the right decision to me.
  3. I believe this his Pagano's last year in Indianapolis. The Colts need a change and allow CB to bring in someone he believes can bring us a ring. Next years off-season is going to be very interesting. Lots of cap room, possibly a new coach and a much clearer idea of how good our roster is.
  4. I'm not really sure. We really don't have much depth behind Vontae (since Butler is now playing safety) and Wilson is a huge question mark. Melvin showed that he can play, so hopefully he continue to grow with more experience. If Davis goes down, we will be left very thin at the CB position. Maybe CB can pull something off in order to bring some talent and depth to our roster before the season begins.
  5. I think Chad Cota was my favorite when I became a fan.
  6. Nothing is wrong with that. But openly saying that you turned down a contact that gave you $12 million a year because the franchise tag paid you 12.1 is a little bit ridiculous. Especially when a guy like Bell is so beloved by the fans of Pittsburgh. I feel like some of their fans are starting to resent him.
  7. Either a CB or OLB. But if you have the chance to add talent around #12, you take it.
  8. Superman. Who would you like the Colts to target in either the Draft or Free Agency (or both) next off-season at the Cornerback position?
  9. Trust me, I don't blame anyone for saying no because of his age and possible asking price. I respect the need to get younger and Ballard has done a tremendous job in getting our team not only younger, but more competitive across the board. But what if the Colts took a chance on him on let's just say a two year deal worth $12 Darrell Revis returns to form and is able to hold down his side of the field and is able to bring Revis Island to Indianapolis (Who also has Vontae Davis under contract through 2017) This will allow the Colts to place Quincy Wilson in the nickel role to give him time to grow. If the Colts bring Davis back on a short deal and draft or sign another young corner, we would be entering the 2018 season with both Revis and Davis under contract, a second year Wilson and possible our CB for the future. If the Colts allow Davis to walk.. I really don't know who is going to be our starting corners after next season. If we draft one. What are the odds the guy will be as good as Davis? Great corners are rare and that's why I'm hoping we keep Davis on a short two year deal and continue to mold that position.
  10. He's a RB who is looking to earn every penny he can before his skills begin to decline. SMH.
  11. Still wishing the Colts stuck with Arians and made him our HC over Chucky.
  12. Protect Luck and give him time to allow a speedster like Dorsett to get down the field and have a chance to open up the field. Chud needs to get creative with this guy and find ways to get the ball in his hands. He showed that he can make plays. We just need to get the ball in his hands more.
  13. I'm pretty sure he bulked up a bit this off-season.

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