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2022 Week 16: Around the NFL Game Discussion thread


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Next week's games are crucial for the No.7 seeding in the NFC, everything hinges around the NFC East.


If the Cowboys beat the Titans on TNF and Eagles beat the Saints, no incentive for the Cowboys to play their last regular season game without resting starters vs Commanders. Same thing with Giants - if they beat the Colts, no incentive for them to play their starters since they have the tie breaker over Commanders. Same thing with Eagles - if they beat the Saints in their 16th game to clinch HFA, no incentive for them to play their starters vs Giants. 


In other words, if the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles all win their week 17 games (16th game), the No.1, No.5, and No.6 seeds will be clinched.


So, the Packers, even if they win out, could be screwed by the Commanders beating the Browns followed by the Cowboys resting vs Commanders, Giants and Eagles resting. To be honest, I hope the Vikings put the Packers out of their misery by beating them. 

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23 hours ago, Gramz said:

It has been a frustrating season.


I'm sure some will disagree with my next comment, but a highlight for me has been watching Baker Mayfield the past few weeks. 

I agree. This might be mean, but I like to see Deshaun Watson having problems in Cleveland. It serves the Browns right after the treatment they gave Baker Mayfield. 

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