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Controversial Tomlin Tackle


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I just ran across some old clips of Mike Tomlin  placing himself in the way of Jacobi Myers on the kick return a few years back. 

I can’t get the thought of what would happen with bigger stakes on the line out of my head. 

Say your team is winning the super bowl by less than a TD with 5 seconds left. The receiving team happens to find a lane, and they are on their way to a walk off Super Bowl win. A player, coach, or fan of the winning team trips or tackles the returner & it causes the return team to lose the game. What would happen?


Does the culprit just get banned & the team that was originally ahead still win? Would their be a rematch? 

They can throw a flag, but it would give them a VERY improbably chance of winning with only one free play. 


Thoughts? Has this ever happened in sports? 

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    • Schedule has to mean something and FSU beat more teams headed to Bowls then ANY squad in the entire nation. They did it with a D that has been dominant. They just held the #13 ranked team in the nation to 6 points with a 3rd string QB making his first start.   No their 3rd stringer isnt starting the playoff game in fact he almost didnt start yesterday came down to minutes before and Tate Rodemaker dressed and was taking throws on the field just didnt feel right. He would be ready to go as early as next week if they had a game.   ACC was solid (Beat SEC in their annual series 6-4 this year) it's not like committee is discussing an unbeaten Sun Belt Champion.   No unbeaten Power 5 has been left out and none ever will as expanding to 12 teams next year.   Committee has to go by what happened on the field......it comes down to Bama vs Texas and Texas won at Bama, Bama barely beat a bad Auburn team just a week ago (Same team that NM state destroyed a week earlier) and they beat Arkansas (4-8) by 3 points so it wasnt just 1 bad week by bama it was Multiple so just cant see them jumping the Longhorns.
    • Not a big Gus fan.  But I do think he’s smart enough to play a defense that takes advantage of (and is restricted by) the personnel he’s given.    Even though that soft defense when we have a lead is so frustrating, it’s probably statistically the way to go.      
    • Nobody really knows, we have Moss luckily, so I am not that worried about it. 5 weeks seems a little extreme for his type of injury. I have done Research on his type injury and 3 weeks is the norm just for a normal guy. He has the best technology and medicine available; I doubt he misses 5 weeks.
    • Ian Rap reported this morning Taylor will miss 3 to 5 weeks. We will see.
    • To your last sentence, NO. Most people know how great Andrew Luck was. Nothing delusional about that. His stats and wins and playoff wins back that up. I hated the way he retired but people need to get over their butt hurt about it, it happened 5 years ago.
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