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Controversial Tomlin Tackle


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I just ran across some old clips of Mike Tomlin  placing himself in the way of Jacobi Myers on the kick return a few years back. 

I can’t get the thought of what would happen with bigger stakes on the line out of my head. 

Say your team is winning the super bowl by less than a TD with 5 seconds left. The receiving team happens to find a lane, and they are on their way to a walk off Super Bowl win. A player, coach, or fan of the winning team trips or tackles the returner & it causes the return team to lose the game. What would happen?


Does the culprit just get banned & the team that was originally ahead still win? Would their be a rematch? 

They can throw a flag, but it would give them a VERY improbably chance of winning with only one free play. 


Thoughts? Has this ever happened in sports? 

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