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Good article about Peyton recovering at Duke

Peyton and Eli fan

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Unfortunately, you need to be an ESPN insider to read the whole thing. Someone on the Broncos board posted it all, but I can't link to another team's board here.

It will be in the ESPN magazine.

Here's the last couple of paragraphs

On March 7, Helton sat in the Rockies' spring training clubhouse in Scottsdale, Ariz., and watched on TV as his friend was pushed out the door by the Colts. More than 2,000 miles away in Durham, Cutcliffe was doing the same. Both were struck by Manning's sincere emotion. They wondered whether those who didn't know him so well realized how genuine his heartbreak really was.

In Denver, John Fox was also watching. And as Manning's voice cracked, the coach's did not. He stood up and told those in the room that this could be the defining moment of their careers. Fox said -- and John Elway agreed -- that they needed to be the first to reach out to the quarterback.

"Get his phone number," Fox recalls saying. "And find out where he's been working out."

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