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Jets Hire Former Colts Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore


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    • Nelson will be better, Raimann will be also.  The other 3 spots I am less confident.  Freeland getting 1st team reps now sounds good.   Get him ready asap.
    • ESPN came out with a new top 5 of all-time list as of 2023, their list is: 5. Magic Johnson 4. Bill Russell 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2. LeBron James 1. Michael Jordan - There panel consist of the guys that work there and analyze all the games = people like Stephen A. Smith, Mike Greenberg, JJ Redick, Tim Legler, Brian Windhorst. It was a list that those guys ended up agreeing on.   Bill Simmons who wrote a book on the top 100 players of all-time, came out with his recent top 5 (2023) - it has changed from his book which he wrote in 2010, he has: 5. Magic Johnson 4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3. Bill Russell 2. LeBron James 1. Michael Jordan   Mine as of 2023 is: 5. Kobe Bryant - what put him in my top 5 was, him winning the Back to Back Championships without Shaq = 2009, 2010. His 2nd best player was Pau Gasol and the rest of the team were role players that were ok but weren't great. (Associated with the LA Lakers)   4. LeBron James (associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers) 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (associated with the LA Lakers) 2. Magic Johnson (associated with the LA Lakers) 1. Michael Jordan (associated with the Chicago Bulls) -I think both ESPN and Bill Simmons rank Bill Russell way too high. Simmons is from Boston though and loves the Celtics. It is because of Championships so I get it but he wasn't even better than Shaq O'Neal IMO. Shaq was way more dominant offensively. I do have Bill Russell in my top 10 but not top 5. I think Wilt Chamberlain was actually a better player compared to Russell as well, he just didn't win like Russell. When it comes to Larry Bird, that was my toughest top 5 omission, but IMO Kobe was a hair better.    
    • I asked because compuls1v3 said three bad years in a row is a problem. Going back to 2021, he was a top 10-15 OL, at worse, and he was injured. In 2022, he started out looking bad, but got better as the season went along, and I think he was above average overall.   I think people tend to exaggerate the standard for highly paid players. We definitely need Nelson to play better than he did last year, but I don't think anyone should be expecting him to be gone after this season. 
    • Yep.  All it would take would be if Richardson is a bust, the Colts would rank in the upper 20's or so.
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