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  1. I "tried" to change the conversation to something that we all could talk about with some civility... ( I assumed anyway ) I see that I failed horribly...sorry.
  2. As MAC pointed out.. Anybody with half a brain and not totally obscured in the homerism haze, would have deduced that this season was going to end badly for this organization. They/we might not have predicted that the season would be as bad as it has, but it was going to be ugly none-the-less. I for one did not, I mean... think about it, we were just in a Superbowl not too long ago. Also, Football is supposed to be the ultimate TEAM game.. I never thought one person could effect a whole team as much as missing Mr. Manning. What I find boggling, is the poor showing that the AFC south as a whole
  3. Would we go along with it? Of course... Would we be happy? Heck No... When one of the greatest players to play the game says its oh-kay, well..who are we to argue. We will of course (argue), but we will also deal... It has become abundantly clear that Caldwell is not a good coach, and we defiantly need an upgrade.. At the same turn, if Peyton wants to keep the status-quot..then he has his reasons. Prue speculation here, but I would imagine it would be to try and win as much as he can while he still can without having to deal with a new coach and a new philosophy.. He wants to avoid a breaking
  4. Lets not get into the debate of: do we trade it or keep the pick?... let this be a debate / conversation in the hypothetical scenario that we DO trade the pick. What are the ramifications and scenarios that best benefit the team (besides keeping the pick and getting Luck) All you couch GMs out there... lets hear what you would do with the trade. Lets hear from all the draft experts on this board on what we could expect and what are the best choices for this team.
  5. I have said this before.. If I were a betting man, I would always bet on manning. If the recent (recent meaning the past 10 years) history has shown, is that Manning is as close to a sure bet as you are ever going to get in this game. So if you are going to play the averages, bet on Manning...Plain and simple. So, why don't we all just calm down and give the man a chance before we all start freaking out and scream the sky is falling. He has a very good chance to come back as good as ever...so lets wait and wish him luck in his recovery and wait until next year before we freak out.
  6. I think we are forgetting something here... This next draft...the guys we pick up will most likely be here AFTER Manning retires... think about that for a moment. So we have some very difficult decisions as an organization when it comes to this upcoming draft. We could draft Luck (assuming we get the first pick) to replace Manning in 3 to 7 years. Then, for the rest of the draft keep doing what we have been doing... draft smaller guys for the D and then maybe grab some more WR's for the heir-aparent down the road...and basically have the same game plan and what not for when Luck gets into th
  7. I am no expert by any means,,, just your average joe.. But..if it were me, I would trade the pick in a heart beat. If anything, this year has shown us we need several pieces on this team. Getting the first overall pick would give us an unparalleled opportunity to fix many of the holes on this team. Especially since this is a passing league and the QB position is soo important in today's game.. teams would be falling over themselves trying to get Luck. I say we go for broke and try to get as many SB as we can while Manning is still able to play. The leans years will come...it's inevitable.. So,
  8. Hey! Glad to see ya' back!

  9. Lets not forget that Dom was a great player for us. Sanders, Morris, and he changed this team during our Superbowl run. They were the major reasons that we have a Superbowl banner hanging from the rafters of the oil can. While this news and other off the field tings are unfortunate, let us not forget the player that played his heart out for us. Thank you Dom. Thank you for the years you spent here playing for this team. I and many others really appreciate everything you did for us. You WILL NOT be forgotten. Again, thank you Dom...you are a Colt for life in my mind.
  10. The only ex-Colt receiver that "might" be able to contribute in a positive way would be Stokley, as for anyone else...it not work out well. Man, do I miss Harrison though..watching him run routes and catching the ball, it was a thing of beauty. His game was more art more than anything else.
  11. Wow.. this kinda surprises me. If he wanted to coach, why is he not here? I think I puked in my mouth a little.. Need to brush my teeth, I feel dirty somehow as well. Sad, just plain sad.
  12. Because usually a fan will do it.. and do it for free. Where as if the organization did it, they would have to pay someone to do it and maintain it. Yess..I am Baaaack! Thank god there is a forum again! I didn't know what I was going to do for this upcoming season if there was not one. I guess I don't have to worry about that now..hehe PeytonGirl, I guess our angry letters and emails worked, huh?
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