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If I see another Maddon reference I am going to be sad


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Ok, I understand people might not agree with what someone is saying. But, there is no reason to think that these people only know what they are saying because of that game. Infact, from what I have seen these people are making great points. Not always, but a point at that. Let them make their point. Dont mock them because you think they only know football from Madden. on a side note I have mentioned Madden alot, give me some free stuff!!

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The problem is Madden isn't realistic in terms of a number of things including player management. It can give you some ideas about the X's and O's of the game and the different formations, but it's not realistic gameplay. There is no way a punter could ever stop Suh, but it has happened in Madden. There is no way Haynesworth can play safety and keep up with WRs, but that happened to me in Madden. There is no way you can sign all the big name free agents. There is no way you can sign a 3-4 coach and switch from 4-3 to 3-4 in one season and have the league's best defense. Madden can help in the strategy aspect and the learning of different things in the playbook, but it's not realistic for a number of different things.

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Well of course there are going to be silly glitches and exploits, its a video game after all.

I will say this for the Madden franchise, however. I learned alot about NFL football from playing this game in my early 20's. Back when Madden first came out (1992ish), I had no idea what a 4-3 defense was. There were a ton of rules and strategic variants that I had no idea about until I became enamored with playing Madden. And this was when Madden was technologically inferior, even then, it had much to teach.

The problem now is, and I imagine most of them are kids/teens, people think that running a franchise is as easy as running a franchise in Madden. Just hand out cash and the best players come running to your team. The moves the Eagles made this year mimics what one could accomplish playing Madden. I made the joke the other day to my friend that Andy Reed was playing Madden with Free Agency this year.....he didn't get it.

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This reminds me of a situation I experienced in the mid 1980s. I am a pilot and a guy I knew at the time said he could make a coordinated turn in an airplane without using the rudder. I said you needed to use the rudder to compensate for skid. You turn with ailerons but the rudder is used for correction. He went on to tell me how he did it on his computer. I then found out he isn't a pilot.

My point is anyone who claims they know what they are doing because they have done something on a computer (simulation, game, whatever) and haven't done the real thing I take with a grain of salt. Computers are great tools and can be very useful. But they aren't the real thing in many situations.

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