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  1. Lions would've called a TO, thus the clock wouldnt have ran out.
  2. I think he knew he messed up right after the game when he came up with the personnel thing. There's no way he's gonna admit anything now.
  3. Why would they? Is this a serious question? Check the NFL. Thats how good clock management works. Every teams do that. You see it almost weekly.
  4. Regardless, clock wouldn't have been milked because the Lions would've called TO.
  5. Lions would've stopped the clock so no need to worry about the time there. It just means Colts would've had 1 more TO left while the Lions would've had 1 less. Its called clock management. Its funny to see the Madden references. It never gets old. Madden or not, you're wrong.
  6. Before posting any further, you should scroll back to page 1. Where did anyone argue for the Colts to not take a TO? You're making stuff up. Colts, if they wanted to take a TO, had to let the playclock run down to 1 second. However, the Lions would've prevented that from happening by calling a TO with 1:10+ left (so over 35 secs on the playclock). Now, please go search the NFL rules and show me where it says that if the opposing team calls TO, that you cant sub. You wont be able to find that because the rules dont say that. You're wrong. Dead wrong. Making up stuff like "had the Colts not taken a TO there" is irrelevant. Nobody said taking the TO was the mistake. The mistake was the timing of it. Its extremely simple to understand and its been stated previously in this thread. The fact you're avoiding that and trying to make stuff up for your flawed argument isnt the best way for you to make your point. You're better off admitting you're wrong instead of making stuff up. Not gonna bother replying anymore unless you actually come up with something substantive. And btw, to awnser the 2nd sentence of your post, as I stated before, the fact that the Lions kicker made the FG or not is irrelevant. It doesnt undo Pagano's mistake. Do you know how silly this is to even argue?
  7. The fact the Lions scored (or not) has nothing to do with the gaffe by Pagano. Had the Lions not scored (say FG was missed), this doesnt change from the fact Pagano messed up. Its not related unless what you're saying is this: that Pagano's gaffe gave the Lions more time to setup for that FG. Is that what you're trying to say? No matter how you slice it, he messed up. The fact the Lions kicker made or missed the FG doesnt change anything. Its like saying, had the Jets kicker missed that FG vs the Colts in the playoffs 6 years ago or so after Caldwell's blunder that its not a mistake because the Jets kicker missed the attempt. What kind of argument is that? If anything, you're saying Pagano made a gaffe with calling that TO too quickly because he should've known, since he's the HC, that the Colts dont have a D. He therefore should've done whatever he can to either milk the clock or force the Lions to burn a TO or 2. Your argument is actually working against you.
  8. Pagano's reasoning was wrong. The Lions were always gonna call a TO had the Colts tried to milk the clock. All this would've meant is the Colts would've saved their last TO and the Lions would have 2 left. Last I checked the NFL rules, if 1 team calls a TO, both teams are allowed to sub. There's nothing in the rulebook that prevent 1 team from subbing. Why is this even used as an argument?
  9. I never disputed that the Colts might have had personnel issue. I'm not ever sure why you bring this up or why Pagano brought this up last night. It has nothing to do with this gaffe. If he doesnt call a TO as quickly and tries to milk the clock down before calling a TO, the Lions are forced to call a TO. The only logical explanation to your/Pagano's argument for it to make sense is that the Colts wouldn't have been allowed to sub in had the Lions called a TO. The fact is, Colts would've been able to sub all they want. Therefore, this argument makes no sense. Hence the point, Pagano's gaffe prevented the Lions from burning a TO. His haffe also prevent him from saving his last TO. You cant say Pagano didnt made a gaffe and then agree that it'd have been better for the Colts to still have 1 TO left while the Lions would've been down to 2. That is the definition of a gaffe.
  10. I'm not sure what concept of this you do not understand. If Pagano dont call a TO with 1:15 left on the clock, its because his intentions are: -he's hoping to milk the clock before calling that TO -the Lions would've been forced to call a TO to prevent the clock from being milked In both scenarios, the Colts get to change personnel to whatever they want. Why are you even bringing up that as an argument? It doesnt even matter since either team would've still called a TO. Your argument assume that no TO would've been called. You're making up something that wouldnt have happened to explain why Pagano didnt mess up. Makes no sense. Now, to awnser your last question: Had Pagano tried to milk that clock before calling his TO, the Lions would've been forced to call a TO. This would've only meant the Colts would still have 1 TO, the Lions would've been down to 2, there would still be 1:10+ left on the clock. Tell me how's that not better than the Colts having no TO left and the Lions having 3 TO left? Why is this so hard to grasp?
  11. Your last post was ignorant. Whether the Colts win or lose this game doesnt change the fact Pagano made a blunder. The result of the game is irrelevant. If anything, you're saying Pagano should've tried to kill as much clock as he could (or force the Lions to burn their TO) because Pagano knew his defense is bad. You're actually arguing that he messed up by trying to defend him.
  12. Its funny. You're saying Pagano's gaffe didnt matter because the Colts D is bad. What kind of argument is that? If anything, this means Pagano's gaffe is magnified because then, he REALLY should've done everything he could to milk the clock down. You guys can try to come up with any kind of excuse for Pagano but they dont make any sense. If anything, you're actually arguing that he really messed up ;)
  13. No, he doesnt. You know why? Lions would've called a TO. Thats the whole point.
  14. The Lions would've still called a TO with over 1:10 left. This means the Colts would've still been able to subs. How's personnel related? The fact Pagano said that just shows he missed something. I'm not saying btw that the personnel issue isnt true. I'm just saying it really shows he didnt made that mistake because of time or because he was rushed. It shows he has a weakness in clock management. Its not his first nor his last gaffe in that department. Its a huge weakness for him. He has no ability in that department. Now, if Pagano had not called the TO himself and someone else would've called it instead and Pagano came up with that, then that would be a cover up for that person. And you know what, it'd be perfectly normal because in pro sports, thats what you do: you dont throw your guy under the bus for something like this, you cover for him and take the heat. Thats not what happened tho.
  15. Rewatch the last Lions drive and imagine them only having 2 TOs left instead of 3. Playcall is different, thats for sure. Time wasnt really an issue for them because they still had 3 TOs. You know the playcall is different in that case, right? Thats the whole point.
  16. In fact, he's right. Is that really so hard to understand? Situation should've been this: 1:10+ left, Colts with 1 TO, Lions with only 2. In you get first down, Lions are forced to burn another TO. If you get a TD like the Colts did here, Lions are down to 2 TO. Your argument is flawed because it'd have been easier to get a first down (like playing for it) to milk more time on the clock had they forced the Lions to burn a TO with 1:10+ left on the clock. No matter how you try to slice it, it doesnt make sense.
  17. Time was not an issue for the Colts. I'm not sure why you're trying to make time an issue, other than use that as an excuse for Pagano's gaffe. Personnel wasnt an issue either. Had Pagano tried to milk the clock, the Lions would've called a TO to save time in case the Colts scored so they had time to get in FG range. The Lions would've called TO with over 1:10 left, they would be down to 2 while the Colts still had 1 TO left and each team would also still substitute in whomever they wanted. I'm not sure why its so hard to grasp. This happens literally every week in the NFL.
  18. How's forcing the Lions to waste a TO throwing the Colts chances away? All this would've done for the Colts is save them a TO while forcing the Lions to burn one. Hardly throwing anything away eh? ;)
  19. Your argument makes no sense. There would've still been 1:15 or so left, Colts would still have a TO but the Lions would've had only 2 left. Even if we buy your argument, how does it makes sense in this scenario. The playclock would've NEVER gotten down to 1 second because Caldwell would've been forced to burn a TO. Not milking the playclock and calling a TO right away (Pagano) prevented the Lions from wasting a TO. That was the mistake.
  20. What alot of people dont grasp is this: the playclock would've never got down to 1 second before Pagano could call his TO. Why? Because Caldwell would've been forced to use one of his. Not sure why its still hard to understand this simple concept. Its funny how some posters are trying to explain Pagano's gaffe with "but time was an issue for the Colts". I'll agree with you on something: time was an issue. Unfortunately for you, it was an issue for the Lions.
  21. Going for a 1st instead of the endzone would've been a mistake anyway. Are you implying the coaching staff would've been dumb enough to do that? That would've been a worst mistake. Funny to see you using that as an argument.
  22. The mistake was not calling a TO, the mistake was calling it without letting the playclock run to 1 second first, instead of calling it with 35 seconds left on it or whatever was left (35+). Lions would've called a TO before the playclock ran down to 1 second tho. Why? Because the Lions wanted to converse time. Hence, Pagano's mistake. He could've forced the Lions to burn a TO and didnt. Its that simple. It happens weekly.
  23. It happened with Manning on the sidelines and Caldwell gifting the Jets a TO in the playoffs 6 years ago or so. It happened other times too. Its not the qb's fault if the HC messed up. Also, bad coaching can lead to bad qb decision making. I'm just saying that before some think about blaming Luck.
  24. Of course, Caldwell was about to call a TO there. He had no idea that Pagano would be dumb enough to gift him one. BB did a similar, altought less (much less) costly mistake, but a mistake still regarding clock management in the Pats/Cards game. 4th qtr, Cards down by 2, 3rd and 20+, less than a minute with Cards not having a TO and Pats with a TO left, pass completed but short of a 1st so Cards rush for an attempt. Instead of calling TO right away, BB wasted about 15 seconds (easily) and finally called a TO. Had the Cards made that FG at the end, thats 15 less secs the Pats would've had to get in FG range on the next possession. Its called clock management. And yes, Pagano messed up tonight. That doesnt mean people saying he messed up are in panic mode or want him fired or any of that non sense. Colts arent a contender so a loss today doesnt bother me one bit. I dont get why Pagano is still the HC but today has nothing to do with that. I think Pagano is more competent as a HC than Grigson is as a GM. Regardless, Pagano messed up today no matter how you slice it.
  25. I'm amazed he's still trying to argue this. All his arguments were bad to begin with, then he moved on to other stuff. Its like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
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