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  1. Yeah, I'm sure that an nfl team really thinks it's impossible for the other team to recover an onside kick frin a chance to tie the game.
  2. Well if they didn't give New England that first half onside kick recovery (for absolutely no reason) it's possible we win this game. Nothing you can do though. That sucks
  3. I have to think griff Whalen isn't the least intelligent person in the world. He's just put in the most ridiculous situation he's ever been in and consequently makes the wrong decision. That is usually the outcome. Of course he should have realized that play had no chance of working, but I'm just saying the play call itself is just begging for a mistake like that to happen. It's like putting Joe Reitz at qb and then hoping he doesn't throw it directly to the other team with no receivers around for absolutely no reason. Yeah, it would be a really stupid decision by him if he did, but could any
  4. Which is exactly why he shouldn't have been asked to do that. You put someone 1 billion % out of their element and that kind of result is inevitably going to happen
  5. Not Whalen's fault. There is zero reason that he should ever be in a position to snap the ball in an nfl game. Might as well put The Fridge at safety and expect him to make an interception
  6. He has certainly looked good so far. Hope he keeps growing in the offense
  7. You guys also seem to be forgetting that Gore just dropped the ball on a probable touchdown. There were a couple other random things that just didn't go our way in that game as well. Vin missing his first field goal from that distance in over 7 years.. I think other turnovers happening as we were moving into scoring range. We very well could have won that game if a couple improbab;e things didn't happen. Granted, it was still a sloppy performance, but there's NO WAY the backlash on here would have been anywhere near this level.
  8. As I said in another thread, I think it's pretty obvious that the O-line has been a major problem in these first 2 games. But what does everyone want them to do? You can't just cut them and pick up a new line 2 games into the season. You have to keep playing and form some chemistry.. And that goes for the whole offense. A lot of new faces.. give them some time to gel. Let's not just call for everyone's heads after 2 losses, regardless of what happens over the next few games.
  9. Well, under Pep we were 3rd in yards per game and 6th in PPG in the entire NFL last year... I have a hard time just claiming that he was a great OC last year and now he just sucks badly.
  10. Good point.. probably an incorrect usage on my part. Although saying how bad we suck and how everyone needs to be fired is kinda fairweather towards the actual players and staff..
  11. Yeah, lets just dump everything and start from scratch 2 games into the season.. THAT will certainly result in us making the playoffs!
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