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Dakich Today... Spot On!

John Dee

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"lack of PRIDE, and INGENUITY" disturbing. BINGO!!!!!!! He just summed up my feelings on this team for the whole season. No Pride, and No adjustments, Indy is Tanking... Manning will not be back.
Indy is not tanking because of the players. Indy is tanking because of a BP designed team. Havent you been reading on this forum how great the FO is? And it has nothing to do with pride.
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Ok sorry.. Houston blew INDY out week one...

Jax got waxed week 3 against the Jets. Their NEXT worse defeat is 13 points against the New Orleans Saints. Jax has been in every game they have played outside of week 2.

The Colts played tough through the KC week. They laid down every game after until Car.

Now... on to Indy's next few... The Colts will get blasted by NE. and then by Balt. (Jax beat Balt.)

Talk to me about pride after this NEXT 2 weeks. Because this next 2 games, and the rest of the season are all about PRIDE.

Not true at all they played hard against the Bengals and were in it and lost it in the 4th quarter, they lost by 14 to the Jags, one point more than Jags worst loss of the season that you don't call a blow out. They were in the Titans game till again late mistakes took it away from them. Even the Atlanta game they had a chance to get back in they just couldn't make a play. The only game where they look to have quit was the Saints game and I agree I think it got out of hand and they gave up. The other games they are playing very hard they are just not good enough. Despite what you seem to think you can play hard and still not be good enough to win. Other than the Saints game this team has done this. If they were tanking they would have a lack of effort against teams like KC and Carolina and not only have it against good teams.

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Another thing about windsock Big mouth Dakich is he spent all Preseason talking about how Quality the Colts team is, filled with leaders, great run organization, the whole 9. Then once the losing started he completely changed his story to suit the needs of his crappy radio show. He spends the whole time talking about how great he is, and references his indiana, and andrean basketball days about 8 times per hour. His show is terrible. Cant wait for him to get canned so I can get some informed Colts radio.

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