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I'm back!

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Thanks for the well wishes and prayers..The pneumonia is much better, and they are having me take a sleep apnea test, so I can go on this machine to help me breathing while I sleep. The Doctors think this is the best way to breathe easier, and improve my overall health tremendously. Then they want me to coordinate with my Liver Doctor and an orthopedic surgeon to get an open MRI on my left knee, to see if I should be on pain management. I'm trying to get on a patch that continually dispenses strong pain meds, without the fear of stomach, liver, and is way stronger than what I am currently taking. which would greatly reduce the grinding pain of my severely arthritic knee. Percocet just isn't doing enough to let me sleep, but with these addicts and their abuse, it is so hard to get the meds I need. At least, while I was in the hospital, I was getting dilaudid IV every 4 hours, so I did get some decent sleep.

So, I am back, glad to be home, and have access to my computer again, and be with my family here.

See y'all soon!


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