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Colts Are A Lock For #1 Draft Pick


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Yes............I spelled Lock correctly. That said, feel free to replace "LOCK" with "LUCK". Time will tell who we draft, but one thing is for certain. WE WILL BE THE PROUD OWNERS OF THE 2012 DRAFT PICK. After 10 weeks, here is the breakdown of those in contention for this most prized possession:

0 Wins

- Colts

2 Wins

- St. Louis

- Carolina (Colts opponent after week 11 bye)

- Minnesota (play tomorrow night)

- Miami

- Seattle (game in process vs. Baltiomore..........up 10-0 in second qtr)

3 Wins

- Cleveland (Beat the colts)

- Jacksonville (Beat the colts)

- Philly

- Washington

- Arizona

After the bye, we have home games vs. Carolina, Tennessee and Houston and road games at New England, Baltimore and Jacksonville. The only winnable games, though very unklikely, are Carolina, Tennessee and a rematch against Jax. That said, i think we finish 0-16.

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