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Does Polian Have To Go To Get A New Defensive Scheme?


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Someone explain to me the inner working of our club. If we get a new DC is Polian going to let them do their thing without interfering and draft players to fit that system accordingly or does Bill tell the DC what kind of system they will use? I have always got the idea that Bill won't budge from his faster smaller philosophy. If something hasn't worked for like 10 years wouldn't you start to wonder if it's the system at some point? Don't most clubs let the DC decide what system to use? Forgive me if I have got this all wrong:)

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The small but fast philosophy was Dungy's, not Polian's. As soon as Dungy retired, they started drafting bigger and stronger players. Yes I know that some of the players are still undersized but you can't replace the entire roster overnight. :)

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