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Colts Recap -- Week 8


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Titans 27 vs Colts 10

What the Colts did Right

The Colts played very well in the first quarter, and a little bit in the 2nd quarter. During that time they stopped Matt Hasselbeck from doing any damage, and they stopped Chris Johnson. Not only did they stop Chris Johnson in the first quarter, they stopped him throughout the whole game. They held him to 34 yards on 14 carries (2.4 yards per carry). They did a pretty good job against Jevon Ringer, but an exceptional job against CJ2K. The Colts D-line provided pretty good pass rush, especially from the inside, from Ricardo Matthews. He had a sack and a great game. Pat Angerer had a great game, and so did Ernie Sims. The thing that really stood out for me is that the Colts won the 2nd half 10-7, and that was due to good play from Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie and Curtis Painter. Reggie seems to be coming around. Chris Rucker had a good game at CB, but didn't see the field too much, but he saved a touchdown and tipped a couple of passes. Overall, the game could have been better, but it was generally good in the 1st quarter and 2nd half.

What the Colts did Wrong

Consistency and turnovers were the main problem in this game. The Colts had 2 turnovers, and the Titans scored 2 touchdowns off those 2 turnovers. If those turnovers didn't happen, the Colts would have had 2 extra possessions, and would have only been down by 3 points. The consistency wasn't there. The Colts defense played well in the first quarter and early in the 2nd, but they died as the 2nd quarter went on. They need to play consistently well. Because of the play in the mid to late part of the 2nd quarter, it cost them the game. The Colts pass defense was horrible a certain points, letting Matt Hasselbeck complete a long string of passes to Nate Washington and Lavelle Hawkins. The special teams were horrible and they were a big reason we lost. Without that blocked punt TD, the halftime score would have been 6-0, and much more motivated going into the second half. The passing game had some bad moments, especially early on. They had a bunch of 3 and outs in the first half, and that was a huge reason why we lost, because the they were unable to move the ball on them and get any points. Their inside the 10 yard line offense was horrible too, having 3 oppurtunites to score, but they were only able to put up 3 points on 3 tries. This game could have been much closer if the Colts played consistency well, and avoided turnovers that could have won.

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