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Listen up Fantasy players, think you can compete with your fellow friends and family members here on the best NFL Forum? Think you have what it takes to become a Fantasy Football Champion? Even if you are a fan of another team, that participates regularly on the Forum, like GoPats, and Quiz Boy..here's your opportunity to try and prove that you can hang with the best and most knowledgeable players we have to offer..Think of all the bragging rights you'll receive..IF YOU CAN WIN...Ladies..like shcolt, gramz, and SusieQ are of course welcome to prove that football is not just a man's game. If you want to have fun, and compete, we are looking for not ONE, but TWO dedicated fantasy teams to complete the Forum's 2nd team run by Andy..


Andy made up a second team, to accommodate more people that love to play Fantasy Football..And Just because its a second league team, don't feel like its a second string league...We have players that can kick the living daylights out of any team, in any league, and in any division.


So please..post a message to Andy on the boards under Colts Fantasy Football Leagues (this season),,I've even provided for your convenience a direct link to the Topic here..http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/topic/15143-colts-fantasy-football-leagues-next-season/page-4#entry527814


Remember ONLY the NEXT two people that post a request to join to Andy's topic will be added...He will then PM you instructions on how to sign up for the league. The tentative date for the draft is August 13th at 5PM. As soon you get your request..sign up per his instructions as soon as possible, so he has time to have everything set up and ready for the draft..


So..come on down...and lets see if you can be the best....All are welcome...


Please, do not reply to this post if you want to join..either click the link provided or go to the post mentioned above, to be able to get it...Please sign up..It will be a blast!


Thank you for your time in reading this..We look forward to having you.

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