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Bucs Appear To Have Lost Stating Safety & Possibly Lb Vs Colts


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Tampa Bay safety Cody Grimm has an injured right knee and likely will be replaced in the lineup by backup Corey Lynch.

Coach Raheem Morris said Monday that the team was awaiting results of tests and would not speculate on how long the second-year pro will be sidelined.

Grimm was hurt while he and linebacker Geno Hayes were stopping Atlanta's Michael Turner for a 1-yard gain with help from other defenders who converged on the pile. Hayes suffered a concussion on the play and will undergo an NFL-mandated battery of tests to help determine his status for next Monday night's game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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We just need our offense not to be as stagnant as it has been. Painter cant do any worse than Collins did, heck he even moved us down the field vs. a pretty good steelers D in a critical situation. Surpisingly our D is much better than i thought against the run. I know its only been 3 games but it looks to be a huge improvement. If we win the next 3 games there is still hope. :drink:

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Cody Grimm isn't that good, he's kinda like Melvin Bullit, good but replaceable. Geno Hayes is a good tackling linebacker, but not a big deal vs us. They lost Ruud over the summer and that's a big loss. Hayes is nothing compared to Ruud.

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Other than being in on the sack/fumble play, I would like to see Gronkowski get in there and pave a path for Addai or Carter. I think we can run big on these guys Monday Night. If we can keep running big, our passing game will open up a bit more. This is a very winnable game, especially if our defense can keep it stepped up.

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