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  1. Hopefully this means we are moving Hines to the slot
  2. Buckner > Unknown Commodity No question about it.
  3. Curtis Painter 2.0....no thank you
  4. Here is a thought, albeit unpopular... TY has been fabulous for our franchise, but the last couple of seasons have taken a toll on his body. If we could trade him and pick up another 2nd Round Pick, and let's say a 4th or 5th, would it be worth it? That would give us the potential of getting Pittman, Mims, and Swift or Dobbins in the 2nd. That has the potential of transforming our team for years.
  5. Keep a couple things in mind about Chad Kelly.... Frank Reich and Jim Kelly, were, and are still, relatively close. No coincidence that he signed here. I think Jim trusts Frank to straighten out his nephew, and I think Frank might be the one guy that can get through to him. Watch the video, I’m not ready to crown him the heir apparent, but he has a ton of upside. He is not going to be on the PS because he will be pilfered. He has been one of the best performing QB’s in the preseason. No one is going to steal Walker. You put Walker there and you hold
  6. It's been said before... waiver wire!! There is probably a better option than Natson riding the wire. Bray always had a leg up because of his return ability.
  7. I don't know that the only benefit would be for Mathis. Our linebacking corps lacks the most on our team. If we are going to continue to use Mathis, he is better served coming off the line. His speed is in the first few steps...he can beat an O-lineman off the line, but he isn't fast enough after 5 yards. I think Ayers and Langford would both benefit from coming off the line as well.
  8. Crazy crazy thought...it would be a giant departure, but could this signal a change back to a 4-3 defense? With a healthy Art Jones, we have enough DT's...could jump start Robert Mathis...again highly doubt it, but it could be helpful.
  9. jtrester


    It appears that Haeg is the real deal. He seems much better suited for Guard. When we ran the ball in the first half, a lot of it was to his side of the line. It looks like we are finally getting the line settled...we just need to focus on Right Tackle. Reitz plays better when he is surrounded by talent. I'm not sold on Clark yet...time will tell.
  10. They don't exactly draw up plays for 2nd and screwed. You go conservative and try to flip the field on the punt, not much else you can do unless you are in desperation mode.
  11. I'd give one to Jack Doyle. He had a couple of bone head penalties down the stretch, however...he is playing out of his mind for us. He is better than Allen and and better than Fleener ever was for our team. His blocking and catching are one of the best parts of this Offense.
  12. First Offensive play... Fake hand-off to Gore, Luck throws a deep strike to Moncrief for 6
  13. The Patriots just dumped Terrance Knighton...he might be a nice addition at nose tackle.
  14. Climb off the cross!! You can't mortgage the future to get a supposedly better coach. We know what we have...a few fixes here and there and we are fine.
  15. Who cares? It, in no way, matters at this point. Chuck Pagano is our coach. It doesn't matter who Irsay was talking with during the process. Meaningless fodder from the media. Time to move on and bolster this roster.
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