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  1. Hopefully this means we are moving Hines to the slot
  2. Keep a couple things in mind about Chad Kelly.... Frank Reich and Jim Kelly, were, and are still, relatively close. No coincidence that he signed here. I think Jim trusts Frank to straighten out his nephew, and I think Frank might be the one guy that can get through to him. Watch the video, I’m not ready to crown him the heir apparent, but he has a ton of upside. He is not going to be on the PS because he will be pilfered. He has been one of the best performing QB’s in the preseason. No one is going to steal Walker. You put Walker there and you hold
  3. It's been said before... waiver wire!! There is probably a better option than Natson riding the wire. Bray always had a leg up because of his return ability.
  4. I don't know that the only benefit would be for Mathis. Our linebacking corps lacks the most on our team. If we are going to continue to use Mathis, he is better served coming off the line. His speed is in the first few steps...he can beat an O-lineman off the line, but he isn't fast enough after 5 yards. I think Ayers and Langford would both benefit from coming off the line as well.
  5. Crazy crazy thought...it would be a giant departure, but could this signal a change back to a 4-3 defense? With a healthy Art Jones, we have enough DT's...could jump start Robert Mathis...again highly doubt it, but it could be helpful.
  6. jtrester


    It appears that Haeg is the real deal. He seems much better suited for Guard. When we ran the ball in the first half, a lot of it was to his side of the line. It looks like we are finally getting the line settled...we just need to focus on Right Tackle. Reitz plays better when he is surrounded by talent. I'm not sold on Clark yet...time will tell.
  7. They don't exactly draw up plays for 2nd and screwed. You go conservative and try to flip the field on the punt, not much else you can do unless you are in desperation mode.
  8. I'd give one to Jack Doyle. He had a couple of bone head penalties down the stretch, however...he is playing out of his mind for us. He is better than Allen and and better than Fleener ever was for our team. His blocking and catching are one of the best parts of this Offense.
  9. First Offensive play... Fake hand-off to Gore, Luck throws a deep strike to Moncrief for 6
  10. The Patriots just dumped Terrance Knighton...he might be a nice addition at nose tackle.
  11. Climb off the cross!! You can't mortgage the future to get a supposedly better coach. We know what we have...a few fixes here and there and we are fine.
  12. Who cares? It, in no way, matters at this point. Chuck Pagano is our coach. It doesn't matter who Irsay was talking with during the process. Meaningless fodder from the media. Time to move on and bolster this roster.
  13. Just thought I would point out...I wasn't suggesting that this was a great idea. Just tossing it out there. Personally, I'd like to drop Herron and Ballard. Go sign Turbin, or stand pat with Gore, Robinson, and Varga.
  14. As I sit in my local smoke shop waiting on our fantasy football draft to begin, we put out an interesting hypothesis.... Boom Herron's shoulder may have saved Ballard's job in Indy. Here is the thought process... 1. Art Jones is all but confirmed for the season ending IR. 2. With Art on season ending IR, it leaves the short term IR for Boom. 3. With Boom on short term IR, that leaves a spot for Ballard. That means... 1. Gore 2. Robinson 3. Ballard 4. Varga Cut - Tipton Any thoughts?
  15. Brandon Marshall's size is the key. He, not only can produce, but can teach Duron Carter how to use his size. Second, why is no one mentioning Jeremy Maclin? He is one of the most reliable receivers in the game. He'd be great in a Colts uniform. Andre Johnson is the Texans version of Reggie. If we make a move like this if rather keep Reggie.
  16. Until we figure out how to run block none of it matters. When the defensive linemen are in the backfield before the hand-off it doesn't matter who's is running...Gayle Sayers wouldn't help. Get some linemen!!!
  17. Too old! I'd rather use the money on Reggie. Same player at this age, plus Reggie knows the playbook.
  18. The only move I'd make right now is cutting Trent. He has been a complete waste. Use that for more defense. We need D-Line and a pass rush. That solves the issue. I'm happy with who we have unless a better alternative presents itself, i.e. If you can get a better player than D'qwell than you make a move. You don't burn the bridge before you decide how you move on from there.
  19. 2011 - the season he started... 1807 rushing yards 4201 passing yards For the price, heck of a pick up. Secondarily, NFL.com lists him as G/C...have we established 100% that he has been signed to play center?
  20. Folks, it all comes down to the O-line. I don't care if you put Barry Sanders in the backfield, if we can't run-block it will be the same result. Donald Brown had success with situational downs, but we fed obvious running downs to Trent. Hence the discrepancy in results. We must have a solid Center. Jeff Saturday wasn't successful because he was the most athletic. He was successful because he had the intelligence to understand every facet of the offensive game and plan his offensive line accordingly. People forget that the center has as much go do with the play calling as the quarterback
  21. My gut says he doesn't see the field this year. I think he has played himself expendable. Especially, with our new signings.
  22. We are comparing apples to oranges. These are two completely different players. Dwight is not what he was in his prime, but in a 4-3 with real interior line presence and a decent secondary he is still more effective than 90% of like players in the league. He never fit the 3-4 scheme....he was never comfortable, nor should he have been. Walden is a 3-4 guy. If you compare them to their natural position, Dwight is much better....he just isn't better at OLB.
  23. It is very possible that one of our current NT is now trade fodder.
  24. This could be a solid move. Hasselbeck is a strong vet. Not only can he help Luck, but I think he could be a great influence on Harnish. As for the WR...who said trading involved only draft picks. We could pick up space by trading a poo contract with a pick!
  25. This reminds me of all of the insane comments about Randy Moss a few years ago. He was supposedly seen at Circle Centre. Sounds like a bunch of poo to me. Irsay, great man, but bat s crazy...as JMV would say. This WR could be anyone...it could also never happen. He has been quiet an awfully long time about it at this point.
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