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A link for rating your FF team


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I dont need a link to know I ran away with this one...

Standard Yahoo 10 team 1QB 3WR 2RB 1TE 1PK 1DEF

QB - Tony Romo, Joe Flacco

WR - Julio Jones, Hakeem Nicks, Jeremy Maclin, Michael Crabtree, Kenny Britt

RB - Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Issac Redman

TE - Vernon Davis, Jason Witten

PK - Garret Hartley

DEF - Green Bay

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I wish the guys in my league would actually trade.. I have Fitz, Julio Jones, Dwayne Bowe and VJax and I can't get anyone to bite in a PPR league to help me upgrade my RB situation.

Thank for sharing the link... I used it the other day from their site and I should have shared it but I am worried about starting new threads.

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Hey guys,

Been lurking (also big Mewelde Moore fan!) but had to register when I saw this. Footballguys is great, but I've been wanting something that goes a lot deeper than that, so I built it!

I'm one of the Founders of Fantasy Brain, which brings data analytics to your fantasy rosters. Connect your fantasy leagues and we'll do the rest, calculating the efficiency of every draft pick, start/sit decision and transaction to give you a true rating for your FFL team, but also a universal power ranking for both you and your league. So you can compete and talk trash against anyone who plays FFL regardless of scoring system, league or provider. There are a bunch more data driven features too

It's all free and takes 30 seconds to sign up! Would love any feedback or thoughts and good luck with your fantasy seasons!

Fantasy Brain: http://www.fantasybrain.com/

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