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  1. Too busy to watch Playoffs, what I gonna do.

  2. We don't always go to the playoffs, but when we do, the blue army is coming for you! :P#coltstrong3 #chuckstrong

  3. Snow blower would be super handy right now

  4. Highest alert level released due to severe weather...

  5. Well the wind has been so strong today it caught a piece of my siding that must have been loose because it pulled off 3 pieces of siding. It's always something when your a homeowner. Being a female homeowner naturally I had to have the fellow across the street fix it. I guess next year I will get new siding because I have been putting it off and now it really needs replaced. Better save for that project. haha

  6. finally got my power back today. hope everyone in jersey is ok and thanks for everyones concern

    1. shecolt


      That's a long time without power, but glad that you are okay.

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  7. Finally back to the boards! :-) Go Colts!

  8. My "grandfather" passed on Sunday from leukemia, and so I have been gone. Though I am now back and am still in mourning (don't think that I'll ever get over this). But I am left with so many memories of him and his love to me and my family. Taking my mother under his wing in her early college years and still being there for us. I played a hymn for him at the funeral, by flute, and know that he is up there smiling.

  9. Had the worst morning..blew a tire in the welding truck, no way to jack that heavy sucker up. Had to limp it to the nearest tire store. Wound up getting 4 new rear tires,didnt want to chance riding on a ticking time bomb, set me back over a grand. Always something!..lol

  10. Back after an extended absence. Some of you know about my 23 year old step-daughter who has battled health problems since the age of two. She passed away on September 13th and I've been in New York with my wife. Good to be back, but still picking up the pieces.

    1. shecolt


      So sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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  11. what a day, get a call from the camp where my 12 year is at with her 7th grade class that she needs picked up for xrays of her wrist. Luckily it is just badly sprained (maybe break would be better?) and the xray tech says to her "you get a lot of xrays, what'd ya do now?".. 1st name basis with the tech, I should send her some cookies! good grief! heading north for a weekend long soccer tourney! beautiful weather and fun ahead! Have a great weekend and GO COLTS

  12. Wish I had a member title. :(

    1. shecolt


      @MAC Thanks for looking out for me.

      @MrNLM You don't know me??? I'm crushed. But, yeah, that guy in your avi does give me the creeps.

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  13. Upload your original #coltstrong photo/artwork to the We ARE COLTSTRONG gallery #coltsprizes! http://t.co/5UJOG293

  14. My dad is under medical examination with suspected leuchemia. I'm anxious and worried...hoping suspect will be proven wrong.

  15. COLTS FANS R*O*C*K!!! JS.....

  16. It's starting to get rather nasty down here around New Orleans.

  17. Doing something today most women hate to do. Cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. Didn't know one woman could be so dirty. haha Rosie must be getting it dirty and she is napping while I clean. What a life she has.

    1. shecolt


      When you get rested, I have some bathrooms that could use a good cleaning.

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  18. A part of me wants us to Lose on Saturday. If we Win, the Bandwagon will catch 4 Flat Tires. We just don't have anymore Room people!!!!

  19. That man, ,the one who keeps popping up in the upper right corner, and keeps winking at me through his magnifying glass is starting to give me the creeps.

  20. That man, ,the one who keeps popping up in the upper right corner, and keeps winking at me through his magnifying glass is starting to give me the creeps.

  21. Listened to some old old songs on youtube last night! Did I mention old?

  22. Great Game!! Loved the Chat Room with the Colts Family. Nothing but Good Laughs. Gotta Love moments like those

  23. great win today! thanks to everyone in the chat for making me feel right at home!

  24. They blacked the game out, and I couldn't make it to the game, my truck broke down.. geeeeerrrrrrrrr.

  25. Found my Colts Dog Tags that I left at my Grandma's House. Will be wearing these for Tomorrow's Game

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