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  1. Happy Birthday Coach Caldwell!

  2. why cant i start a new thread?

  3. i was on thursday night football! i went back and watched as Manning came out of the tunnel and signed my jersey and a purse. im the goofball jumping up and down in the background in a white long sleeved colts shirt and a camo hat. haha

  4. Merry Christmas Colts Fans!

  5. Dedicating and re-dedicating my life in several areas and will be less involved here. Hoping the best for everyone here in all things. Stay blessed.

  6. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE :) Great Weekend to be a colts fan :)

  7. Dear Colts you make me sad-Amielio

  8. There is now...WAY too much stuff in my bedroom. I don't have anywhere to hide christmas presents!!!

  9. Going to the Colts/Pats game Sunday...

  10. Happy Thanksgiving day to all the Indianapolis Colts community!

  11. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving

  12. i wanna wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving

  13. Win over the Jags this Sunday!

  14. Hating the cold weather...brrrrr.

  15. Waaah....I'm really sick today. Blah.

  16. I hate Alabama! AND LSU!!! So, nyeh!

  17. 62-7 is so much more fun in the Chatroom.

  18. Aw...Had a dream last night that Peyton shocked the world and started against the Chiefs...threw for like 400 yards and 5 touchdowns...then I woke up. Dangit

  19. Anyone going to the Colts @ Patriots game in Decemeber?

  20. Just testing to see if this is the status update box :)

  21. My mom is having major surgery on Monday. Any thoughts/good vibes that can be sent our way would be appreciated. :)

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