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    <p></p><div style="margin-left:1px;">This is the third Coltsfans’ web site I’ve been sign in since I became a Colts fan. The first two are closed, wish this is the last one. A lot of you guys may be curious or wondering why this Chinese would become a Colts fan, the answer is I don’t know either. In 2007, I was in the low period of my young life which was my job is bored and just broke up with my girlfriend, I told myself that I have to find something to spend time with, so American Football comes out, not to play with, I mean watch it. So I was going to searching football’s films online, then found a game which was the 41 Superbowl, back then I didn’t even know what’s Superbowl means, I wasn’t watching that game to end, didn’t know who won either. But from that moment I made a decision I gonna following Indianapolis Colts wherever she goes, I didn’t know why, just like you falling in love with a girl who you just saw in the first sight. This is the 6</div><sup></sup><div style="margin-left:1px;">th</div><div style="margin-left:1px;"> year after I became a Colts fan, in the past 5 years what Colts has been though made me happy, also made my heart broken, but I still love her.</div>

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  1. If Adam Vinatieri didn't miss the field goals and the extra points in the first game, The Colts would have 3 wins in straight, but luckly last game he was got back on track. We have got into the playoffs in last 10 seasons with a 1-1 opening, and right now we are 2-1, this must mean something. our player are young the future is bright. GO GO GO COLTS.
  2. This is hard to take in if this is going to happened. But life is tough, as a Colts fan, I think we should show some respect to him.
  3. GamePass- Follow Your Team - Indianapolis Colts is ready. This is how I watch the games of the Colts in China.

  4. Time fly fast, I haven’t been here for six years. Where the hell have I been. Lol. Very looking forward to the new season. GO COLTS.

    1. southwest1


      I always enjoy getting feedback from international Colts fans abroad. Nice. 

    2. coltsfanCHINA


      U have no idea how it feel U have to get up in the middle of night (1 AM) to watch the games on Monday.  But the two games were both very enjoy to watch, the Colts played very well, so that was worth it. lol.

  5. I was catching up FIVE-O last night, has anyone watched the episode 17? There is a scene which is Steve and Danny arguing about who is the greatest quarterback of our generation. that was interesting.

    1. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      I would like to see this. Is there a place we can see it?

    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      search Hawaii 5-0 episode 17 on the cbs website..i believe you can watch it there

    3. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      Thanks for the heads up CF4L.

  6. Still think Jeff Saturday is the most handsome guy in Colts,LOL, I was moved after wacthed the press conference.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. BrentMc11


      I know...just teasin....

    3. Nadine


      if it's any consolation, word is .........the long term plan is more social. No time frame on that or exactly what that will mean. But I like the sound of it

    4. BrentMc11


      Status updates has always been fun...and as Gramz says "where they sometime end up...' :)

  7. The sky was the limit, why not us?

  8. Big night is coming.

  9. Too busy to watch Playoffs, what I gonna do.

    1. shecolt


      Bummer. I hope you are able to record the games.

  10. happy new year best wishes for the colts in the playoffs.

    1. Nadine


      Happy New Year!

    2. southwest1


      Thanks ColtsfanChina! Yes, let's hope the BlueHorse gets past the 1st round in the Playoffs. :D

  11. we have LUCK, we are luckman

  12. the first coach I knew of was Dungy, Caldwell won't be forgotten by me, because the record he did that is carved in the stone.
  13. Manning is part of Colts, he cannt get rid of it, lol.
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