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  1. I probably saw 18+ games in the RCA Dome, and more times than not, left w/varying degrees of a headache because of the decibels. This coupled w/my own shouting of course! That joint would just bring the rafters down, and am proud to be a part of those great memories, wins and losses.
  2. It’s refreshing to know, once again CB has provided quality picks for Coach Reich to make the most of injuries like Turay’s. It’s the “Youth” movement of the team that has me the most excited personally. Back to the topic, yes Banogu definitely has earned another look.
  3. Agree. And he has a short memory when it comes to missed opportunities imo.
  4. lol, that’s what I got from their statement too!
  5. This^ That’s what’s been impressing me the most out of Sheard. He’s really good at setting the edge, but has a knack for getting pressure/hits on the QB. He and Houston are pretty darn formidable imo.
  6. Much deserved indeed! JB is looking legit so far w/occasional hiccups, but really seems to have taken up the true mantle of a leader. Very appreciative to all of the coaches and front office for seeing so much promise in JB when they brought him into the fold. We’re a spoiled fan-base when it comes to QB’s!
  7. Don’t forget my drink of choice as a youth........Brass Monkey! Had some long mornings following those nights for sure. Sorry to mods for not being Colts related*
  8. Not to mention, the Bears defense was rolling teams all season! They dominated nearly every team they played, and yet that is usually never talked about. Reality hurts the narrative I guess.
  9. Thanks for helping out with this confusion. CC1 sent me a pm to apologise for jumping the gun. Appreciate you!

    1. J@son


      Sure thing.  Always glad to help clear up a misunderstanding :)

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