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  1. Not to mention, the Bears defense was rolling teams all season! They dominated nearly every team they played, and yet that is usually never talked about. Reality hurts the narrative I guess.
  2. The offensive line on a whole are impressing me. With the resurgence of AC last season, the cohesion shown by the starters was simply put, impressive. Throw in quality backups, and Mudd being back home makes me have high hopes for this unit. Future definitely looks bright.
  3. Thank you for your service. I use cubed light spam/red potatoes/sautéed onion in an awesome hash I make sometimes.
  4. Or in the Ring of Honor! I kid, he needs at least one more full season to get there as the only active player to grace it! ;)
  5. Coupled w/Coach Mudd’s knowledge, man the sky’s the limit!
  6. Thanks for helping out with this confusion. CC1 sent me a pm to apologise for jumping the gun. Appreciate you!

    1. J@son


      Sure thing.  Always glad to help clear up a misunderstanding :)

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