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  1. Coupled w/Coach Mudd’s knowledge, man the sky’s the limit!
  2. Smart fans wore headphone radios, so they heard play by play from Lamey while they watched the game, while leaving with no headache.
  3. A beautiful thing. I may be getting all nostalgic. Our HFA was 2nd to none. Agree 100%
  4. WPortis and McGahee Jeremy Shockey Andre Johnson and a very stout D. Greatest team for the U imho. Didn’t Frank Gore go in the draft the year or so before their run?
  5. Left w/many a headache after watching a game in the Dome. Mostly from yelling, just like everyone else in that joint. That place could get a ROCKIN’! Had the pleasure of seeing quite a few games there back in the day. Got to see players like Marino/Kelly/Favre engineer comeback wins on us also. Hated to lose, but loved watching great football.
  6. Funny you say this(I totally agree btw), because he ended up taking JB’s spot all-time for scrimmage yards per game stat. Which imho should be just one of many reasons to get his awesome self into the Hall! #32 was very hard to stop, plus his receivers hands, coupled w/his ability to stone defenders in the passing game. He was deceptively fast when he hit the hole, and regularly pulled away at the 2nd lvl. Sorry for tha man crush rant.
  7. Imagine EJ behind our current line.
  8. QFT Wish I could like this 100 more times!
  9. By far my favorite “modern era” Colts player! Got to meet him a handful of times. Humble dude for certain. Gotta get him in the Hall!
  10. Keep your hair Jeremiah Johnson! One of my favorite movies of Redford. That and Brubaker. Keep the meme alive!
  11. Out of likes, so “Please allow me to bump thee”
  12. Out of likes, so I had to bump you. Great stuff here!
  13. It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride of a season. So proud of everyone, from Irsay/front office/Coaches/Players on down. So happy to be a Colts fan! The futures so bright, and the arrows trending up.
  14. @indyagent17 Well said. It’s easy to lose track of what’s important this time of year. It’s important to remember those less fortunate.
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