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  1. @CDCarter13 Yup. Funny how something that's meant to protect you, actually does more harm than good.

  2. @HeelSammy It's alright. They'll spend it on drug money and hate their lives soon enough :/

  3. @StarsStripesFC That's a really good picture of him. Looks like a true champ.

  4. @AaronNagler @nfldraftscout Josh McDaniels, please come to the Colts. Kthx.

  5. @SBNation He was probably just changing the net

  6. @PGATOUR I can't even drive the ball that far.

  7. @Cianaf I see. Because I secretly wish, as a Colts fan, that we kept Arians rather than Pagano for Andrew Luck's sake.

  8. RT @GolfDigest: .@RickieFowlerPGA's swing used to have some quirks. Not anymore. http://t.co/YQj4aHZ5TC http://t.co/sRJD1idIDY

  9. Patriot fans are very sensitive people. Don't hurt their feelers.

  10. RT @NateSilver538: I ♡ legal gambling but the state lottery is just about the dumbest form of it imaginable. Preys on those who can least a…

  11. RT @SportHumour: Paul Scholes: "I don't like compliments. I prefer criticism... then I can prove them wrong." http://t.co/cYIBW8NnBQ

  12. RT @TYHilton13: It's Game Day. Prime Time tv. What else do u need. Let's go out here and get it done. #BLEEDBLUE #THEGHOST

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