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  1. @CDCarter13 Yup. Funny how something that's meant to protect you, actually does more harm than good.

  2. @HeelSammy It's alright. They'll spend it on drug money and hate their lives soon enough :/

  3. @StarsStripesFC That's a really good picture of him. Looks like a true champ.

  4. @AaronNagler @nfldraftscout Josh McDaniels, please come to the Colts. Kthx.

  5. @SBNation He was probably just changing the net

  6. @PGATOUR I can't even drive the ball that far.

  7. @Cianaf I see. Because I secretly wish, as a Colts fan, that we kept Arians rather than Pagano for Andrew Luck's sake.

  8. RT @GolfDigest: .@RickieFowlerPGA's swing used to have some quirks. Not anymore. http://t.co/YQj4aHZ5TC http://t.co/sRJD1idIDY

  9. Patriot fans are very sensitive people. Don't hurt their feelers.

  10. RT @NateSilver538: I ♡ legal gambling but the state lottery is just about the dumbest form of it imaginable. Preys on those who can least a…

  11. RT @SportHumour: Paul Scholes: "I don't like compliments. I prefer criticism... then I can prove them wrong." http://t.co/cYIBW8NnBQ

  12. RT @TYHilton13: It's Game Day. Prime Time tv. What else do u need. Let's go out here and get it done. #BLEEDBLUE #THEGHOST

  13. RT @mcgarrytim: Erik Lamela scored the stupidest, most amazing goal of the year: http://t.co/5xmHvUi8hy (Vine: @Andrew_Labib) https://t.co/…

  14. Hey @MatthewBerryTMR, in case you didn't know your Love/Hate stats, Reddit did it for you:


  15. RT @CDCarter13: No defense has managed more than one fantasy point against Denver this season. 12 Ds have scored negative FF points vs. DEN…

  16. RT @JDBeckler: Adrian Peterson is gonna end up like Tron from Chappelle’s Show when he’s in court. Gon plead the…. http://t.co/X12y1sohZD

  17. RT @SBNationSoccer: Bayern had to evacuate their hotel in the middle of the night. They were wrapped in blankets. http://t.co/Pt16onJ5f8 ht…

  18. RT @ochocinco: Can I get 50 strangers to hang out for the game? I'll provide the food & get you drunk & use a shuttle service to get you ho…

  19. Hey @PatMcAfeeShow, I've always wanted to know.. do you guys mess around at all on the sidelines or is it all business?

  20. It's only week 3 and we played against the Jags and had to come back from behind against the Broncos. He isn't a good OC. Play calling in the 4th quarter against the Eagles was horrible. We should have won that game if we were more aggressive. I'm not going to blame the loss on the missed PI and botched horse collar tackle penalty. Running the ball twice inside the 20 with 4 minutes to go versus the explosive Eagles was a mistake. Put the ball in Luck's hands, score a TD there and we win the game.
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