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  1. I'm cooking for 13 on Thanksgiving and had the menu all planned, list made, cooking timeline set.  One is vegetarian and I had plenty of veggie options.  I just found out another is both gluten and dairy free.  EVERYTHING has gluten and/or dairy. I am FREAKING OUT

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    2. Jules


      Cooking and eating gluten free is hell, I tried it once for fun for two weeks just to see what it was all about as almost a fad diet experimentation. It was during a hot period in the summer and it was easy just to eat salads with meat and then WHOOPS, salad dressings can have gluten!!!!! I had to stop it since I found out my husband was going through fast food drive thrus in private and was starving. lmao 


      Most meat and veggies do not have gluten. The gravy and stuffing would be a problem though. And I hate any deserts that are gluten free, ick. I mean give me a real desert.


      I am lucky I don't have to cook anything for Thanksgiving outside of making one desert lol.

      Good luck Nadine! I am sure it will all come out terrific in the end.

    3. Nadine


      I do feel for my niece.  Her digestive issues are tough.  I want her to have a nice thanksgiving. Here's hoping we chose well.  My daughters are baking pies today.  One will be gluten free. This feast is serious business!

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