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  1. Watched Manchester by the Sea last night.  While I really did like it, I hated the ending, a lot

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    2. Nadine


      He's good in it.  It's a tragic story but I did like it.  Just the ending was abrupt

      I guess it was an artistic statement but, I like a little more closure than that

    3. southwest1


      I don't wanna rain on anyone's parade here, but I didn't care for this movie at all. Casey Affleck cannot act period & there's no way the Academy should have given him as Oscar. I think his older brother Ben paid off the judges. Just Kidding! 


      There is a fictional tragedy in it that I won't reveal here. None of the characters resonated with me. They seemed either wooden, stale, or forced to me. 


      After I saw this flick, I was like what's all the hoopla for? I don't get it. Clearly, I must have seen a different film than the Academy did. Hands down the 2nd worst film I've seen this yr. Suicide Squad was by far the top train wreck I've sat through in 2017. 


      Again, if you found this picture appealing in some fashion that's perfectly fine. I just cannot recommend it unless it is used as a disciplinary device. Behave or I'll make you sit thru Manchester By The Sea & write a summary of it. Oh the humanity! 

    4. southwest1


      "One example is "City of Angels" . The movie was interesting, but I didn't like the ending; therefore, I considered it a bad movie."


      I know what you mean TS. I was not a happy camper when Meg Ryan died in this film either. I've always liked her as an actress & when this fictional doctor perished I was pretty upset. Plus, Nicolas Cage giving up his angelic powers for that physician only to later lose his first human lover on Earth was definitely a raw deal. 

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