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Where do the 2023 Eagles rank...


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1 hour ago, jvan1973 said:

Tied for worst with the 2020 Steelers 

I'd forgotten about that.  Embarrassing and frustrating that their lone W during their collapse was us.  That nonsense block in the back call that negated Hines's 65-yard catch and run?  I was furious.

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Every "victory" is a series of variables unique to that team.


Every "loss" is a series of variables unique to that team.


Every "cinderella season" is a series of variables unique to that team.


Every "crash & burn season" is a series of variables unique to that team.


Why expend time or energy attempting to make comparisons or assign blame?

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    • But if they were like me, they only liked one of the corners and wasn't a fan of Turner. So I'd look at it and say there's a fair chance the two guys I really liked that were left in that range would be gone. 
    • https://sports.yahoo.com/baseball-world-mourns-death-of-willie-mays-015624402.html The Say Hey Kid's legacy was visible as his death was announced.
    • @ADnum1     FWIW:   I’ve tried to reach out to you via private mail.  Currently your set not accept mail.   Nothing urgent.  Just a heads up. 
    • The great Willie Mays has died at the age of 93. What a great player he was! I wish I could have seen him play. Thankfully, I listened to sports radio in my teens and early 20s and learned from older fans who watched him and many of the great baseball players of his time. Willie Mays was the last living player from that Golden Era of baseball. I learned this week that Carl Erskine of the Dodgers died this year too. I think he was 98 or 99.   Rest in peace Willie and Carl.   https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/3070070/2024/06/18/willie-mays-obituary-giants?source=user-shared-article we lol wp   At times like this, I wish @Jay Kirkand some of the older baseball fans were still posting here. I hope they are all doing well.
    • Best wishes, Mr. I   Hoping for many more years of your leadership.  The Colts need you at the top.    One day at a time.   Hope to see you soon!    
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