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Colts Opponents - news, performance, injury, chat, etc.

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Going to use this thread to talk about stuff impacting our opponents. Weekly performance, injuries, etc.. And simply just chat about how they are looking. Mostly centered around future opponents, div foes, and impacts to playoff hunt.


This week (in order of Colts schedule)


Jags - currently losing to Dolphins 7-21


Future (this weekend)

Jets at Colts

Bears at Falcons

Browns vs Washington

Bengals at Eagles


Lions at Cardinals

Ravens vs Chiefs

Titans at Vikings

Packers at Saints

Texans at Steelers

Raiders at Patriots

Steelers vs Texans

Jags vs Dolphins




Last week (in order of Colts schedule)

at Jets - lost to 49ers 13-31

at Bears - beat the NYG 17-13

at Browns - beat the Bengals 35-30

Bengals - lost at Browns 30-35


Lions - lost at Packers 21-42

Ravens - beat at Texans 33-16

at Titans - beat the Jags 33-30

at Packers - beat the Lions 42-21

at Texans - lost to Ravens 16-33

at Raiders - beat the Saints 34-24

at Steelers - beat the Broncos 26-21

Jags - lost at Titans 30-33


Already played (will not play again)

Vikings - lost at Colts 11-28






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Jags so far coming back down to earth. Fitzmagic looking good. Shenault looking very strong though. And Chaisson looked surprisingly good in coverage going step for step down the sideline with a WR.

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