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Colt Inactives - Wait Till U See Our Starting Ot's


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Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star tweets that Anthony Castonzo, Ryan Diem, Drake Nevis, Kevin Thomas,Mike Tepper, Kerry Collins, and Peyton Manning are OUT.( UPDATE CONFIRMED BY NFL NETWORK )

Jeff Linkenbach will start at left tackle while newly signed linemen Quinn Ojinnaka will start at right.

This means that all top three picks for the Indianapolis Colts in the 2011 NFL Draft will not play today.

In addition, the third round pick in 2010 (Thomas) is a healthy scratch for the second straight week. Seriously, a third round pick can't beat out the ''immortal' Stevie Brown or Terrence Johnson?

Today's starting right tackle, Quinn Ojinnaka, was signed just last week.

Tepper, who was signed off the practice squad last week, is out for unknown reasons at this time


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Thats just great. :sarcasm:

I thought that Nevis had come back after getting dinged up, and that it wasn't a big deal. To not even dress isn't good.

I wonder if Tepper is hurt, or if they just have more confidence in the new guy. This thought is probably going to be smacked down, but everything considered you wonder if it might not be better to leave Link on the right so that only one position is weakened (albeit significantly), and use TEs/RBs to shore up the left. Poor Curtis.

Once again Phil sounds like he had lunch with BBS. I'm not sure why he can't point out his concerns without raising everyone's blood pressure.

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This was all Phill wrote, rest from stampede blue

rotfl That makes a lot more sense. I just woke up, and apparently the legend at the top of the screen didn't even register in my brain.

I think I'm going meander off and have some breakfast before starting the (DVRed) pregame show/game.

Thanks for clarifying that.

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