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Edelman tonight or Colston for flex?


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My main RBs - Ridley, Martin

My main WRs - Demaryius Thomas, Jordy Nelson


FLEX Options - Edelman, Colston, Mendenhall



I am leaning towards Edelman because of the lack of Amendola.


Here is the kicker. I like to hedge my bets in FF whenever I can, a lot of times it works more than not. I use a WR for flex or WR2 (always play my stud WR1s) from the opposing QB's team if I can as a viable option.


My opponent had Aaron Rodgers last week, so I played Jordy Nelson knowing the differential impact would be lesser if Rodgers had a terrific game and he did, and I made out like a bandit by playing Nelson over TY Hilton though a lot of sites recommended otherwise.


My opponent has Tom Brady tonight, so I am hedging my bets on Edelman. I have Michael Vick going and he has DJax going too. :)



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