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A Perplexing WR Choice


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I got burned to a crisp with Brandon Marshall against the Packers the other night as he couldn't corral a catchable TD attempt from Cutler....so I'm scrambling for the right #2 WR in hope of salvaging some WR points.

My choices are....

Poor Larry Fitzgerald vs the Patriots at NE with Kevin Kolb starting against that shiny new Patriots pass rush.


Malcolm Floyd vs Tennessee at SD....and I started Rivers instead of Cutler this week, thank God.


Antonio Brown vs the Jets and Darrelle Revis is OUT this week.


Kevin Ogletree vs Seahawks at Seattle...one week wonder?

Darren Sproles is my flex player this week.

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I saw this thread before the game began and I considered telling you to start Fitzgerald, which looks like you end up doing anyway. I'm glad I kept my mouth shut, it would have been horrible advice.

Perhaps the best WR in the NFL is absolutely nothing but a high priced decoy in fantasy.

Him and Brandon Marshall did me in this week. :tvsmash:

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