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  1. Adrian Peterson, PLEASE do not rush back from that Injury. You're a Great RB, let the injury fully heal. Then come back to the Field. You're still Young, don't be in a Rush

    1. southwest1


      Yes AP, let the body regenerate naturally. What's the rush? Just like Matt Forte in Chicago, you are 40-60% of the Vikings offense. AP will carry Minnesota as far as AP takes the Purple crew period IMO.

    2. TKnight24


      Exactly. Most people think I'm saying this because we play them Week 2, but I'm not. I don't want one of the best going down just cause he's eager to get back on the Field. With him out, this will make the Vikings realize how important he is to them. And plus, it's not like they don't have Gerhart. He's a good RB too

    3. alawai


      Rehab and rest! I'm not a doctor but I've talk to friends and people that had the the ACL and basically they said the same thing. Yes you can run on it after a month - straightline and no cuts. You'll be able to play within the year but you feel good but somehow it's not 100%. It took most even with professional rehab (some were college athletes) they not up to 100% till a year and a half.

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