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  1. You should probably stop trying to evaluate the talent. You're not good at it
  2. They will get extended. All pro players rarely get traded
  3. Yeah, your logic is flawed. Typical
  4. He won't sit. That will just prolong the Texans own his rights
  5. If Reggie hates you, that's all I need
  6. They don't have the 5th year option for leonard. I'm hoping they extend him before the season starts.
  7. They forced her to sell a major percentage of her ownership. She still had a minority ownership.
  8. The investigation wasn't complete until the summer of 2018. Richardson announced plans to sell the team in December of 2017
  9. They didn't force Richardson out. I'm sure it would came to that at some point though
  10. I don't recall grigson talking to the media about it. I don't recall any member of the Colts talking to the media about it.
  11. That's not gonna happen
  12. That ankle though. I'm guessing the medical staff checked him out obviously. 40 mill per is a big number . Whatever. Good for him
  13. He has won bigger games than Watson.
  14. Even if Brady was a first rounder, the bucs didn't spend a first on him. He was a free agent. Manning went to 2 super bowls in denver.
  15. 100 % of the teams that won the Super Bowl last year didn't
  16. It helps when you're drafting #1 overall
  17. I don't think you understand the premise of this
  18. Over Taylor over under 1600 total yards
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