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  1. I didn't even realize that Toler probably completely messed up his groin completely when he wiffed on the Bowe catch.

  2. damn. the Packers line holds so much and the 9ers use so many below the belt blocks. This is so dirty.

  3. I'd like to thank the moderating staff and the people who post here for making this an enjoyable experience full of legit football talk. I went over to a chiefs Forum just to see what's up and my lord every topic is ridiculous and there is MASSIVE. amounts of swearing and very bad things. it's actually hilarious how pathetic they are and hoe half the topics are about us "cheating" or "The NFL is rigged" Anyways thanks again Nadine and friends.

    1. AllYouNeedIsLuck
    2. Nadine


      thanks guys

      Thanks back to you all. It was really really busy here last night and hardly any issues. Everybody was great

    3. New Zealands #1 Colts Fan

      New Zealands #1 Colts Fan

      I also visited the chiefs forum and experienced the same thing. It was pretty disgusting

  4. Got to watch 2nd half at Tuscany's. good food and best win of the New Era! Hats off to our 2nd half Defense, especislly Gordy! Major Props to Luck fot not letting his picks take him out of thr game! Let's Celebrate Colts nation. Down but never out.

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      How could I forget about Hilton. Talk about stepping up. Same for Fleener. Man it always seems Mathis makes 1 crucial play at the right time to bust us back into gear.

  5. We clearly were not ready for primtime. toler is hot garbage and Trent has been a complete waste of a 1st. we can still win this. but this start is just ridiculous

  6. who needs Charles when you can just go down at will? :P

  7. Non stop breaking bad for me. Jesse's development is too goof

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo
    2. Boilermaker


      I know what you mean. My friend got me hooked on Breaking Bad! I'm currently in the middle of season 5..it's so bittersweet that I'm almost finished with the show.

  8. And that is how the Cowboys cookie crumbles ladies and Gents.

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      He pulled a complete Romo. Hahah

    2. kjyb
    3. southwest1


      Can the NFL finally remove the "America's Team" label from that lackluster excuse for a post season franchise & tell Jerry Jones that his precious squad just isn't relevant anymore. This is what drives me nuts about ESPN. Every year they rave about Dallas & every year that team crumbles, falls flat on it's face, & under achieves. When will ESPN finally see the light?! Sigh...

  9. is it too early to start a Da'rick Rogers Superbowl MVP thread?

  10. is McNary starting now? Hes been looking beastly

  11. Last day of finals tomorrow! Got accepted into U of I, and Wisonsin. I'm pumped for my future.

    1. BrentMc11


      I think she aced it SW....Biology...

    2. southwest1


      Brains & beauty that's an impressive combination there. I never did that great in Math or science. My secret: Pick a smart lab partner who can explain stuff to me that's over my head. Man, acing a Biology exam, I wonder what that would feel like? LOL! Glad to hear that her final in that subject went so well. :D Me, just give me a C in Science & let me pursue other endeavors. Thank you.

    3. JPPT1974


      Congrats and good luck!

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  12. has luck thrown for any yards im the 2nd half?

  13. cant watch the game.. how arw darick and davis playing?

    1. Stephen


      davis good rogers couple catches. Whalen is beasting with big return.

  14. special teams is the only TEAM that came to play so far..

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo
    2. BrentMc11


      yep....I noticed the post was at 1:45 :)

    3. southwest1


      I still say Brent would be great coaching INDY's Special Teams, but than again SW1 is biased. Brent knows football & baseball too even better than BO Jackson did. Ha! Ha! :)

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  15. My Bullies just giving the Heat da Beatdown. Bullying them in the paint.

  16. That Strip Sack was imo the momentum giving play of the day. We could see it coming a mile away, and it was glorious.

  17. Release the Adongo-kong

    1. kjyb


      no!!! he need time too

  18. Ladies and Gents... The struggle is real

    1. southwest1


      The struggle for what exactly? Suffrage, independence, respect, peace of mind, hope, or just being comfortable in your own skin...

    2. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      For bulls Basketball. lol

    3. southwest1


      Okay cool. Thanks for clearing up that little mystery Gabriel. :)

  19. nah nah nah nah booboo the Colts played like doodoo :P

  20. RIP Derrick Rose's career :(

    1. BillCoslosky87


      They are flopping for ANDREW WIGGINS

    2. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      If they were to do that I'd rather have Jabari. But nah Thibs would never let us flop, we'll still -get the 5t-8th seed with some quality wins sprinkled in. If Rose comes back by all-star break than we'll be fine.

    3. Blackhawk4


      With how bad the East is right now any lower than the 4th seed would sort of be a surprise.

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  21. Derrick Rose has returned #HeHasReturned!

    1. BrentMc11


      Yes he has....BOOOOOO! :)

  22. Go Bulls!!!

    1. BrentMc11


      I already booed....I will not boo again :)

  23. Just got accepted to the University of Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. MIColtsFan
    3. MAC


      Good for you! Love your career goal.

      My best friend started out wanting to be a vet and ended up a dentist. Of course he loves money a lot more than he loves animals. :)

      (By all accounts he can't stand it.)

    4. southwest1


      "oooh... i'm so sorry..." Gabriel didn't say he was drafted by Minnesota Carlos. [NFL Vikings joke]. Only teasing! Good luck working with furry, feathered, critters & other animals Gabriel. Nice! :)

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  24. Andrew Luck with the comeback!! Fleener showing up!!!

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