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  1. Is it just me or does it look like Arthur Jones needs to hit the weight loss button... lol

    1. Nadine


      there's a button for that?

    2. kjyb
    3. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Well BCC I meant that even with him being a D lineman he looks very out of shape. Just an observation off of a Facebook photo though...

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  2. Golden Tate and EDS to close out free agency? Then we draft our future FS?

    1. Maniq


      Rather EDS and a FS and draft our future WR. This WR class is deep and talented

  3. Best case scenario? Mine is EDS and Chris Clemons/Byrd

    1. unvrsty07


      I second that!

    2. Track Guy

      Track Guy

      I'm really pulling for EDS. Either of those safetys would be very nice too.

    3. Everyone


      Clemons would be a solid move

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  4. Alright now we just have issues at the FS spot and the Oline. Let's keep this train running Grigs.

  5. ideal rest of offseason : 1. Lock up Vontae 2. Sign EDS 3. Hopefully sign Byrd (won't happen ) 4. Get the ultra dynamic Golden Tate.

    1. bestQBever


      I only see #2 happening.

  6. according to all these ESPN alerts it seems Harlem Nick's is thirsty for this organisation

  7. My god Clowney. Also, go Finland!

  8. missed my first day of school ever for sickness and I'm a senior. Dang flu! More sleep.

    1. alawai


      How about a bowl of peppered chicken ala king?

    2. Nadine


      lol gfb.That should take care of it

    3. BrentMc11


      100GFB...that should be mandatory.

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  9. Are we allowed to link to other sites? This one contains a picture that uses profanity so..idk if I can link it

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      damn, It's hilarious too. "The only thing Seahawks and 49ers fans agree on" From Reddit

    2. HungarianColtsFan


      Practically both teams are upset on being beaten by Colts in coarse language. No class.

    3. BrentMc11


      They need to get used to it HCF :)

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  10. and broncos are getting their crap pushed in. peyton is as much to blame as anyone here as well.

    1. ColtsBTM12


      They're embarrassing themselves at the moment.

  11. Everyone of you need to see Senna.

    1. kjyb


      senna who?

    2. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      "Senna" is a documentary about Formula1 driver Ayrton Senna.

    3. chad72


      One of the greatest drivers with a take no prisoners attitude. Drove with reckless abandon and perished the way he loved to race. Fast and Furious, he lived it in real life :). Great racer!!!

  12. Test worth 12% of my grade tomorrow on DNA traits and Micro array slides. Awesome stuff

    1. kjyb


      lol c is always right lol

    2. southwest1


      Good luck on your DNA exam tomorrow Gabriel. I'm pulling for you to ace it. :)

    3. alawai


      Good luck GAM! If your computer goes down, SW1 has a whole bunch of "blue books"! lol

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  13. Want to post an image but it says it is too big... What do?

    1. MAC


      It shouldn't be guesswork. Somewhere on this site it tells you the precise maximum size. Compare your photo to that number. If it's small enough to be accepted, PM shecolt as she suggested, or Nadine who can contact tech support. Perhaps there is something else going on.

    2. Nadine


      where and how are you trying to post this image?

    3. BrentMc11


      What size does the Forum take Nadine? Mine are always too big too. I even changed the size. It worked in an email, but not in a comment.

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  14. Damn!!! Bowman's year is surely done after that! Poor guy, his knee/leg just straight up broke in half!!

  15. I'm just saying this now: Kap is going to get hurt by the Hawks if he keeps running it like this.

  16. Go and get that second superbowl that we couldn't get you Peyton!

    1. southwest1


      Seattle's secondary is tight Gabriel, but Peyton has all the tools in the toolbox to get 1 final job done IMHO. Now, go take it Yoda...

  17. Manning really does sell his play action hand-offs well! Hopefully Luck practices this. Seems so simple and effective

  18. we literally have to wait another year for this chance again. who else mad?

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    2. Moncrief


      I have to say after Brazill's second touchdown is when I thought "we're going to win this."

    3. ColtsBTM12


      31 teams unsatisfyingly have to wait another year. It was a fun year.

    4. southwest1


      We shall return...

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  19. well boys looks like were going to need another miracle. pat's getting some luck and uncalled holding.

    1. southwest1


      Patriots fan VL would agree with you Gabriel on the dual holding call, but not the Luck trip.

  20. come on D! 1 turnover. gordy didn't need to do that D's dammit!

  21. welp. not looking great for us.

  22. what's happening/happened to Graham is Exactly what I'm scared will happen to TY tonight.

  23. Colts getting mad Madden Props in latest update. our young receiving core is looking nice. Freemman still criminally underrated. Mathis is a 93 which is still way Too low.

    1. kjyb


      yea..i think freemn derserve 90 ovr and mathis at least 96 just keep voting,,by the way xbxo 360 or ps3

    2. Holden89


      Well, I'd say Mathis is about right at 92. His Pass Rushing ratings are all very high, while the rest of his ratings are solid/above average.

      That's what Mathis is.

      Also, it's a joke that Freeman isn't higher. I'd say he needs to be around 86-89...not 78. Ridiculous.

      Xbox for life!

  24. Rest in Peace Yia-Yia. Alzheimer's may have taken your memories long ago but you'll Never be forgotten by me. Love you always. Pístis, elpís, agápē

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    2. BrentMc11


      I totally understand Gabriel...so sorry...your Colts friends are with ya!

    3. southwest1


      My condolences my friend. Hang in there okay.

    4. alawai


      Sorry for your loss.

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