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Favorite Day for Draft Nuts

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Every year, this is one of my favorite days.   Ballard lets his scouts answer questions about the draft class.  They answer so many questions that Ballard doesn’t have time to do.   And the answers are so revealing because they’re coming from the scouts perspective and not the GMs view.


There are two separate videos on the front page of the website.  BUT…. Only one is listed.  The one with scouts McGaha and Hughes.   It’s 11:30.  But immediately after that one is done the next one plays.  So don’t be fooled, the second scout video IS there, even though it’s not listed.  The second video is 12:00 long.   You’ll really enjoy them both!!



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7 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

Hey, thanks for posting these!  I was hoping someone would do this.  I thought both videos were very revealing and worth a good listening.   

You’re welcome! I agree, some really good information and worth a watch. 

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