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Can we trade Frank Reich for Dan Campbell please ?


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First there is no right or wrong in coaching in being animated or "a screamer" vs being quieter, or anywhere in between. How is that not obvious? Coaches with all different kinds of coaching styles have had great success. 


As for Reich, at he time he seemed like a good choice after McAhole went back on his word, and I know a team's success isn't ALL about the head coach to say the least (and comparing him to Ditka is ridiculous...Dikta won a SB despite himself), but gradually I am getting more underwhelmed. Careful what you ask for though; not sure who I would want to replace him that would realistically be achievable and an upgrade. 


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On 8/13/2022 at 7:27 AM, jshipp23 said:

I do like Dan Campbell, but Reich just doesn't inspire me at all, and I'm sure the players feel similar..


He doesn't need to inspire you and I haven't heard anywhere the players don't respect him or take advantage of him because he's too soft.


I also agree with many others here that yelling at people doesn't necessarily motivate them.  True leaders learn to adjust to their people and the circumstances. 

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