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To Early To Be Ironic, But Wait For It...


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It was like the sun eclipsing the moon. Teebowmania was the biggest story at the end of the year until the Peyton-Irsay story eclipsed it. But when the Peyton drama ended we all assumed that teebowmania would just resume.

Its funny that the bigger story snuffed out the littler story.

Comparisons were made to Elway. Andrew Luck also went to Stanford and broke some of his records so naturally "hes the next Elway" comparisons were made.

However, it could very well be Peyton Manning that draws comparisions to Elway if he indeed brings another super bowl to denver late in his career.

Finally, there was a large push for Andrew Luck sitting behind Peyton Manning, but there was a small contingency that felt that Andew Luck was too good to hold the clipboard for Peyton Manning.

Now we look at Tim Teebow (the last over hyped but underachieving QB in the draft) who will gladly sit behind Manning, even though he turned the team around and brought them a division championship.

None of it is tangible but I sense some serious Irony building as these stories merge.

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