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  1. I remember when you were part of a group running manning out of town talking about all the rings Luck was going to have. Must stink to have to want to kill to get one super bowl. Manning led another team to 2 in the 4 years since he was cut. The irony is that Luck averages 2 interceptions per playoff appearance...ouch! Wasn't that your beef with Manning? You have another injured star QB with no o'line 4 years later. So the answer is no. enjoy.
  2. Even the worst team can't tank in this division. Irsay IS the problem. Lol.
  3. Can't stop the run. Can't run the ball. Can't pass protect, too many hurried throws... Can't win in the playoffs. Too many picks in the playoffs.... These were all comments that were made on this board in 2010.
  4. you think you can discard the GOAT like a used tissue and expect him to come back and bail you out of your poor decision making? lol.
  5. thats the beauty of Grigs decisions. You don't see them now, but you will in 6 months. ;) I honestly feel better about this defense than I have in a long time.
  6. its all hype. Just like how Luck is the #1 QB under 25. NFL hype.
  7. Once the hype dies down, he'll get signed somewhere as a backup to a depth - challenged team. The jets down't know % about the QB position....obviously...not understanding why other teams are taking their word for it lol.
  8. Flaccos deep "gems" were floating ducks. Ravens won that game when Moreno got hurt. had nothing to do with his deep game.
  9. And even though I haven't been here you are still so insecure about luck you have to post every morsel of proof that we made the right decision. Which decision? I'll let you decide between March or April. Get to work...LOL... mob mentality. I'll make quick work you and your little clique. Where should we start?
  10. Hasselbeck was the smartest signing in the offseason. I have confidence Hasselbeck will help Luck a great deal.
  11. My favorite comment on that article was ... Luck and Wilson had 8 opponents in common, against those teams Luck had 14 TDs and 12 INTs, Wilson had 20 TDs and 1 INT. All the other statistical categories are also that one-sided. But I guess none of that matters, stats apparently don't matter when it comes to Luck.
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