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Why Would We Want To Face Peyton Manning?


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of course the refs didnt call it...

they are Saints or Patriots fans...i always see them favor those 2 teams for a reason.

I know he rarely screams at another teammate but it is the Super Bowl so we can expect him to be frustrated with the players

I'm sure he would claim it as his mistake, like he always has whether it was or wasn't and I'm sure they discussed it. I just feel that if the route was run with his normal effort, its either completed or incomplete.

Yeah Brady would have got that call.

No doubt that one haunts Peyton to this day. No one knows it more than him. Only needing 5 yards it was going to be a quick throw, no time to look off defender(watch Mannings head as he drops back), but the critical mistake was a throw to the inside, the direction the other receiver was breaking. The throw to Wayne's outside shoulder could only have been caught by one person, Reggie. Porter did an outstanding job first reading Peyton and then anticipating the throw inside.

While this was the nail in the coffin for that game. The game turned on the lost onside kick to start the second half. We had scored to go ahead at the end of the first half. We put any points on the board with the first drive of the third quarter and we're ahead two scores. Instead, Saints score and retake the lead. That onside kick changed the whole strategy of the second half.

Porter did a good job, but he also got a bit lucky since we have a combo route off of that were Reggie turns up field. So if that would have been the route he's likely toast. I just find more blame in the route than the throw.

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