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  1. And here I am, who started to watch NFL from cricket
  2. Yeah calling him a politician and telling him to keep it in the family TO the media?. Did you even see what Peyton said?. He didnt accuse anyone, he just expressed his sadness. He didnt say what Jim did was right or wrong. You dont go to media and call your player a politician.
  3. Just explaining?. Calling him a politician, accusing him of not keeping with family?. Sure, thats explaining depends on where you learned your language. Peyton didnt call names, he just expressed his opinion that people working with him are let go and he was sad. The owner goes to media and calls him a "Politician". I lost all respect for Jim. I really wish Peyton gets healthy ( he has enough fuel in his fire already ), goes to some other team and when he gets a chance to play Colts Edit
  4. And PM doesnt like drama. He is going to speak up again to end this c**p. Watch it.
  5. Cant talk for all Pats fan bud. You are different than others. Our buddy Viridulant seems snappy all the time.
  6. Jeez man, you need to calm down and relax. I was joking with GoPats.
  7. I hear you. Its not the 2007 Patriots for sure. But with BB, you never know.
  8. Sallu to that, bro. Just FYI, i live in NE territory. I see how excited everyone here is.
  9. Here is my classy Pats friend, trying to defend his loyalty. On a different note, How Clutch was Brady in the AFC championship game
  10. I really want Manning to get healthy, just so he can go somewhere and kick Colts butt. Sure not the way to treat Peyton with guessing game. This guy built Colts, lets not kid ourself.
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