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How Much Does This Firing Have To Do With Manning's Future


The Polian / Irsay and Manning connection  

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  1. 1. Do you think the Poian firing is, to some degree, related to Irsay's desire for Mannings future?

    • Yes, Irsay wants to KEEP Manning and the Polians were planning to move on
    • Yes Irsay is ready to move on from Manning and did not like Polian's plans.
    • This was not likely a large factor in the decision.

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Think about it again..

I think the chance that he cant ever play again..has passed...His neck did heal and solidify within the 3-month period the surgert suggested...

(If he's telling us the truth)

We dont know how good he'll be but we cant know until August...

..........there is no reason to assume he wont get that chance...

He cant be traded with a $28 mil tab....and he wont be released if there a chance he'll return to form...

We wont know until August

mark lets not get ahead of ourselves here, Manning is still not 100% healed, 80 or 90 sure but not 100% so I would not say Manning is 'healed' at this point. Also the big date is March 8th (something like that). That is when Manning is due the $28M bonus.

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how many owners have walked away from a team unless they are really old or in poor health. this has to be one of the craziest things i have heard!

I honestly have NO idea why you don't understand this. Maybe you should start reading up on how Irsay is planning to leave the business in the hands of his daughters.

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