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Excellent Article Breaking Down Our Broken Defense


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This guy does a GREAT job breaking down all the garbage things we do on defense that is getting us killed. He spreads the blame around, but ultimately his article is an indictment on Larry Coyer and his efense.

Words Larry Coyer have never said before, "Hey fellas, I know it's zone coverage but why don't ya'll scoot up a few dozen yards."

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    • I'm a TY fan but this point makes no sense as a defense of TY. Of course he still takes the other teams #1 CB, hes still a threat, but he's living off of his reputation this year. Also, taking a teams #1 CB isn't good enough, if you're supposed to be a #1 WR you gotta beat them at least a handful of times too, not be shut out for multiple weeks.   You know how dumb a DC would look if he lined up his #3 CB on Hilton and his #1 CB on a Pascal? lool
    • I think to really excel in pass defense , we need to get Turay back and he needs to stay healthy. When Leornard returns , we will have 2 really good LB's in pass coverage. We need the LB's to do a little better job of play recognition and get into their drops. Then we can better defend all those quick passes Jack and Cinn succeeded with. Leonard is great and Okereke is also going to be outstanding in pass coverage. The DB;s are IMO good enough .
    • What @Superman said -- he was putting his XP's perfectly down the middle.  Not really sure if his power increased or not, but his accuracy was insane.  I'd like to see one of those 'ghost' videos they do w/ bowlers to see how close each one of his kicks were to the others, to me it seemed like every kick hit the net directly in the middle (between the uprights), but I'd like to see if they were all hitting the same height on the net.     Yes, I think it's pretty inevitable that our defensive ranking will decline as we play better offenses.     Aside from being interested to see how our passing D does against Stafford, Jackson, Rogers, Big Ben, Carr and Watson -- I'm a bit nervous about how our D will hold up against the run with Derek Henry.  Additionally, with the lack of blitz, it seemed like our DL can struggle with QBs who can get outside the pocket (ala Baker Mayfield) -- so I'll be interested to see how 'Flus game plans against Lamar Jackson who is, IMO, a much more mobile QB than Baker.
    • I assumed he wouldn't play this year. Or if he did, it would be the second half of the season. Without Hooker getting hurt, Blackmon might not have played this much, but he doesn't look like he's coming off a severe injury. He looks really good. He's made some mistakes in coverage, but his instincts appear to be serving him really well. 
    • WE call them 'maters where I grew up. 
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