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  1. Go Peyton! Honestly, I would feel WEIRD if the Colts won a Super Bowl before Peyton gets another one.
  2. I get where you are coming from but let's not fool ourselves. The Colts are a rebuilding team. They are not starting from scratch because this was year 2 of the rebuild. Grigson probably came onboard with a 4 or 5 year plan. At this point, I would say he is a little ahead of schedule in terms of the results. The potential problem is: Did we play over our heads the past two years or Is our talent really that good? If the talent in place is really that good then we can sustain it for the long term. If we played over our heads a bit the last two years, there will be a crash back to eart
  3. Oh well. The way I see it, today's game was gravy. We are only in year 2 of the rebuild. We made the playoffs in both years of the rebuild which is pretty freaking incredible if you think about it. Grigson has a LOT of work ahead of him. Too bad we gave up our first round pick to find out that Trent Richardson is a pedestrian RB. We could have signed Payton Hillis or some crap like that and still kept our first rounder pick. Oh well... The offense should naturally be better next year just by getting the IR guys back...Reggie, Ballard, Allen, Thomas, etc. Rogers needs to have a BIG
  4. Rogers should have played sooner. He'll be a starter next year on the outside with Wayne and Hilton out of the 3 wide set.
  5. I'm just happy Pep had the humility and the intelligence to drop the power running game garbage in time to turn things around for the playoffs. Luck is by far our best player. Put the ball in his hands and live or die with it. For the last month, the offense has been living large!
  6. I am rewatching the game on NFL Network now. It is amazing the guys who are stepping up. 1. Luck. Obviously is just so damned good. The pass protection got a little better in the second half but so many times, Luck is dealing with a messy pocket. He has such a great sense of when to step up or slide to buy that extra second to throw. 2. TY ran a ton of crossing routes to counter the man coverage of the Chiefs. They should have had TY running these type of routes earlier in the season to set up the longball. 3. Donald Brown. Wow. He was so good in this game. Every time the Colt
  7. Mike Mayock is an EXCELLENT analyst. I think he does a great job of breaking things down and explaining it in simple English. I did catch the comment on the Colts "not being built to comeback." I was a little surprised by the comment but I think it was more of a throwaway line because of the overall lack of productivity from the WRs since Reggie Wayne's injury.
  8. DHB. I am glad you got benched. But damn it if you haven't been a great team guy about it. DHB has been balls to the wall on special teams. And yesterday DHB had the key block on the TD pass to Donald Brown out of that quad formation screen play. DHB most likely will not be back next year, but he deserves some love for doing everything he can to help the team despite getting demoted.
  9. LOL this thread is funny. I think the OP is trying to be profound but it's getting lost in the minimalist approach. Are you saying that it is Andy Reid's fault that Michael Vick fought dogs? Are you saying Andy Reid should have sent Michael Vick and Christmas card? Are you saying Andy Reid shouldn't have started Michael Vick because he fought dogs? Or maybe you are saying that Andy Reid shouldn't have jerked with Michael Vick as the starter last year?
  10. OJl

    Donald Brown

    It all depends on DB's asking price. If he wants crazy money, let him walk. I appreciate the year he is having but he is replaceable. Grigs spent a first rounder on Trent in large part because DB was the last best option at the time. Who knew DB would turn into Robert Smith-lite.
  11. I love Andrew Luck. I think he is going to be an incredible QB. I think he will probably win more titles than Peyton Manning did. But in the end, it doesn't matter. Peyton Manning is the greatest QB to ever play the game. Period. People love to criticize Peyton and throw the Super Bowl titles thing in his face. And it is the most insanely ridiculous argument. Why? Think of it like this. Tom Brady won 3 Super Bowls his first 5 or 6 years in the NFL. Over the last 5 or 6 years, Tom Brady has won ZERO Super Bowls. Is Tom Brady a better QB now or was he a better QB in his first 5 yea
  12. The defense is what it is at this point. What I saw was Davis and Toler playing hurt. Period. Earlier in the year when Davis and Toler were healthy, we were shutting down passing games and chasing down QBs. Right now, it is all patchwork. HOPEFULLY, Toler and Davis will be better by game time next weekend. If they are, I like our chances. You know Mathis will be there. Freeman will be there. It would be nice if a third guy could make some game turning plays ever once in awhile.
  13. Trent just looks gawd awful! I have no clue what happened to this guy. Coming out of Alabama, this guy was a beast! He looked like a can't miss 1,500 yards rushing/500 yards receiving combo workhorse. Now he's fumbling with no one touching him and sitting for the rest of the game. Pathetic! Damn straight he better get it together! Grigs gave up our first rounder for this guy but this regime doesn't seem to tolerate non-performance, regardless of reputation or what it cost to acquire you. If Trent doesn't man up this off-season, Vick Ballard and whoever else is in the backfield will b
  14. To me, a bust is a guy who just falls flat on his face and does nothing. Morris didn't do what he should have done coming out from BYU but he was no where near a bust for the Colts. He started for four years. Then people tend to forget that Dungy re-inserted Rob Morris into the starting line-up at the SAM in 2006 over Gilbert Gardner. Everyone remembers Bob Sanders coming back, but everyone forgets Morris' role. Those two moves solidified the run defense for the Super Bowl. Morris started at the SAM the following year and blew his quad which ended his career. Steve Emtman was a true b
  15. One is great. One will be great. Both will finish as long time Colts. Even if you were to compare the two, it's apples to oranges. Luck may end up with more championships and still not be better than Manning. It doesn't lessen the achievements. To me, Manning is simply the greatest of all times. Watch how the QB position is played today and you can track it right back to Peyton Manning. He revolutionized the position, taking it to the next level.
  16. Reggie Wayne's injury showed what a garbage WR corp we really had. Brazil is a selfish pothead who should have gotten cut in the off-season. DHB's career is done. He's a supreme athlete who can't catch. I love TY Hilton. BUT, he has shown the past few weeks that he's not a lead dog WR. After the Houston game, defenses simply rolled coverage to TY. TY can't beat double teams. All the best WRs in the league get double teamed. The true number ones are able to beat it. Hopefully, Rogers can be a playmaker. If Rogers turns out to be a playmaker, Luck's numbers will go up and the off
  17. This question is trying to compare apples and oranges. Powers is a zone corner who did not really fit this scheme. Toler is a straight up man corner who fit better. Did we over pay for Toler? Absolutely. But you have to overpay to play the FA game.
  18. This idea totally fails to realize that Martin was a 2nd round pick just two years ago and he is still under contract. He can't just pick up and go to a team of his choosing because he was allegedly bullied by teammates. I'm guessing the Dolphins would want at least a bag of footballs and a six pack of Bud at the very least for letting Martin go.
  19. It's like * Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn all over again!
  20. I was excited to hear that Andrew finally got * and pushed his teammates. With Reggie and Bethea and Mathis and even Cory Redding on the team, it's easy for Luck to sit back and let those guys push the other guys vocally. But as Luck's career unfolds, he's going to have to learn to be a dick when the time calls for it. I get the feeling that not every Colt player liked Peyton over the years, but they all respected him. You hear the same thing about all of the greats...Elway, Marino, Montana, et al.
  21. There's no way the Colts give Brown any kind of reasonable offer unless he just blows up these last few games. Next year, the 1-2 punch will be Ballard and Richardson. Bradshaw probably won't be brought back. The 3rd RB may not be on the roster right now.
  22. Against Houston, I actually felt sorry for DHB. Cris Collinsworth actually said (not verbatim) "I wish I could just will him to catch some of these passes because he's just so talented." Collinsworth. Showing pity. Think about how sarcastic and smarmy Collinsworth it amazed me.
  23. Walden was good tonight but he can't get a game ball because he pulled a dick move tonight. LOL
  24. Pat Angerer gets a game ball too for not Hank Basketting that onside kick.
  25. Coby Flenner! He's been less than impressive with all of the expectations. But he was really good tonight and it helped because every WR not named TY sucked. Donald Brown! I hate you. You can't pass block. You cost us the Dolphins game. You've been a flop if not a total bust as a first round pick. BUT, you rocked tonight! Great game! DB is genuinely the best RB on the roster right now. That can't be a good thing in the long run, but tonight we'll take it!
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